16 June, 2023

Santichon Village or Chinese Yunan Cultural Village , Thailand #SMSnotes

Santichon Village provides a way of life and Chinese clay houses. Tourists can taste the green tea and pork hocks with buns at Baan Santichon surrounded by the mountains of Pai. The Chinese Yunnan Village is not the typical Chinatown you see around the world. The tourists can see the conservative cultures and traditions of the Yunan People such as the language, dress, and especially the Yunnan foods that are admired among the tourists.

Santichon Village or Chinese Yunnan Culture Center was settled by Chinese people who fled the Chinese revolution of Mao Tse Tung. After all these years, the descendants still living here and adhering to traditional ways, have managed to profit from Pai’s economic upturn. Santichon Village has a population of 2000 souls of a mix Yunanese, Thai hill tribes people and former Chinese soldiers. When opium was still the mainstay of the village and old Chinese soldiers wandered the streets in their old Republican uniforms, automatic rifles in hand. Today, It’s quite popular with Thai tourists, with a large tasting area for tea, which has replaced opium as an important crop, and a souvenir market at the village entrance.

Santichon Village is indeed a center where visitors have the chance to experience Chinese culture: the village showcases reproductions of traditional Chinese clay houses, and there are a few tiny shops made of mud and clay selling tea by the bag or by the pot, where they also often run tea-tasting sessions. It is also possible to experience Yunnanese way of life, as well as dress in a traditional Yunnan dress.

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