15 June, 2023

Choui Fong Tea Plantation Chiang Rai Thailand #SMSnotes

Choui Fong Tea Plantation besides a famous tourist attraction that offers wonderful scenery for visitors to chillax, the site is good with the café serving lots of delicious tea, drinks, and homemade bakery to fill up your tummy, too.

The ideal climate and soil permit the cultivation of excellent teas. Harvesting and processing of tea leaves are performed using proven, world-class best practices – starting with carefully handpicked leaves through to blending by our specialists.

The combination of nature's gifts and our tireless efforts guarantee that consumers will enjoy tea of the highest quality, rich in taste and aroma with a pleasant, lasting aftertaste.

Choui Fong Tea Plantation is the horseshoe-shaped curve of the mountain with the lake in the middle of the property. Also, the location is not too far from other famous attractions since it is in the same direction to go to Doi Tung and Mae Sai Borderline. Just only 4 km from the main road of Paholyothin Road, undoubtedly Choui Fong Plantation is a must-check-in sightseeing for travelers to stop by for a cup of tea and relax with the lovely atmosphere of this farm.

A place for the green tea lover with good and quick service because it was very popular the seats were always full. Excellent experience! Friendly staff, delicious food, and drinks! Unbelievable scenery and is definitely worth the drive up. Deep-fried tea leaves sounded intriguing and tasted great! 😋☺️

Nice scenery with endless green tea plantations!
The canteen/cafe is spacious with lots of seats available but make sure you get there early for lunch as many things on the menu get sold out after 1pm… food was just ok and the cakes were just way sweet to my taste… family-friendly atmosphere with lots of kids.

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