11 May, 2024

Be like a flower, survive the rain but use it to grow. Chiang Mai Thailand #SMSnotes

Be like a flower, survive the rain but use it to grow.

Be like a flower, survive the rain but use it to grow. Chiang Mai Thailand #SMSnotes
I am a deep thinker . So , I always think about something I done . Chiang Mai Thailand If I made a mistake I think that the whole day and fear punish for me. Moreover , I always think about how to solve the problem especially how to know , how to solve, what results I get, will that result be positive and like thie like this... I think that my sociability level is good . I always depressed when incomplete my goals. I want to be a useful person for my environment. I always want to help as good as I can.

Everybody has a dream to visit many places such as give me happiness knowledges and relax. I also have to visit many places in my dream.Firstly a place that i want to visit is Shwe Dagon. It is one of the famous pagoda in my country. It is also knows people from the world.Many people come to this pagods every day. Second one is the ancient city called Bagan. In this city we can see many thousands of ancient pagodas. Many cultures can study in this city.we can also see the view of the city from the sky with air balloons.Next one of the places Chiang Mai Thailand i want to visit is chaung tha beach. It is popular beach in Myanmar country. We can eat many different foods in this place.We can see beautiful things and can also swim in the water. I also want to go is inlay lake. It is situated in shan state. people live in inlay lake use boat to go from place to place .

They make agriculture on the water.We can study the habits of inthar. So i want to visit above places and other places for knowledge and relax. Chiang Mai Thailand Different people have different mind about their favorites things. Some like listening to musics or singing songs others favorite reading books or playing many sports. I am also a person who like reading books. As every person who like reading books .I have also a favorite book. It was an English story book wrote about a princess who live in palace. I read it last week.

People relate with parents and friends . Many people have their environment. People has many friends but they have any one best friend in their life. Chiang Mai Thailand I have also one best friend in my life. The name of she is Thu Thu Win. I met her when I had attended first year at university. She is 18years old girl . I think that she is beautiful girl. She has medium in height and she also has long hair and a dim in her face. So when she smile she became very lovely girl.she has good habits and she helps her parents and her friends. Friends in my room love her. She always help me and relates me as her sister. She also explains me when I do not know lessons and sums. When I sick she arrives to my room and explains lessons until I know it to easy. She help me other places and explains any things when I do not know its . So I think that Thu Thu Win is my best friend in my life.

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