10 June, 2023

Pai Canyon in Mae Hong Son Thailand #SMSnotes

The Pai Canyon (also known as Kong Lan) is incredibly scenic with stunning valley views and panoramic sunset viewpoints! Serene, a scenic canyon with narrow, ledgy hiking trails that offer sweeping valley views.

Although it’s not quite comparable to Grand Canyon, this place offers very unique geological structure. It is quite high and some paths are narrow, so please make to watch the kids.
You need to climb up some areas and it gets a bit slippery so probably shoes with grip would be better. I really enjoyed the view and the little walk with a bit of thrill :)

Impeccable views, if you thought the stairs up to the canyon were bad it is only just beginning. But to see the best you will have to do a bit of climbing, I wouldn’t say it’s a beginner but with patience and hand/footing concentration you will be able to climb it safely.

Scenic canyon with stunning valley views.
Beware the walks are not maintained and quite hazardous to walk in some places.
Use proper shoes, don’t drink or smoke too much and use proper sense.

The best view is sunset or sunrise and there are some small stalls you can buy drinks and free parking. There’s also no entrance fee.

One of the major attractions in Pai. Nice place to enjoy the nature view and take photos. But, be aware of the cliff as certain parts of the canyon is not safe to climb. You definitely don’t want to end up in a hospital during your holiday

it is a little way uphill, so beware if you have a condition, you may have to take it slow. Once there great views and looking down the canyon walls is interesting. I don't know how long they will last as the rain seems to be eroding the soft soil away badly in some areas, but HEY! Makes it a different view each time you go here on holiday.

Great nature hiking. It is low on shade in some places so prepare yourself appropriately during the hot days. Also some trails require mild climbing and scaling if rocks if you wish to enjoy the trails. So plan accordingly!

Beautiful place! There are some fun hikes up here. You do need to climb up some places which are a bit tricky. If you are scared of hikes or climbing I would not recommend taking the left trail! There are no signs or anything so sometimes the trails are not that clear. But it was good exercise and some good fun! And it's free, which is nice!

Absolutely stunning views even if there were too many clouds. Highly recommend visiting for a peaceful hour or two for the amazing scenery!

Nice spot to enjoy the golden hour and sunset.
If you are afraid of heights avoid them, or make sure you are not too close to the edge if the cliffs

Pai Canyon isn’t really that big. Regardless, views from the narrow trails are excellent, and sunset is a spectacular draw in the evenings.

half-day tour from Pai and stop here for sunset, weather was too cloudy and no sunset can be seen but still worth walking in the canyon. The place is a little bit tourist.
Wear shoes, not slippers, if you want to walk to the end of the canyon as you need to walk down and up where is slippery wearing slippers.

Hiking and lingering around the canyon won’t take more than a couple of hours, but be warned: the height and lack of railings give more than a few travelers sweaty palms!

What to Know Before Visiting
Entrance to Pai Canyon is free.
Cold drinks and snacks are available from stalls at the trailhead.
Trails in the canyon are exposed to the sun; there isn’t much shade.
Getting to the first viewpoint requires hiking up many stairs.
Travelers with a fear of heights may get nervous about hiking past the first viewpoint
The narrow trails and lack of railing make going far into Pai Canyon unsuitable for small children.

Pai Canyon or Kong Lan (famously known as Kong Lan in Thai) is described in some tourist brochures as Thailand’s answer to the Grand Canyon. To say that’s stretching a point would be putting it mildly. Pai Canyon geological and topographic features are quite stunning. This unique geographical area has been formed by continuous erosion over decades until reaching the current condition. The carved narrow ledges and slabs that have survived the erosive actions of the elements have steep 30 meters deep cliff drops and a series of narrow walkways cut on the ridges of giant rock walls that snake out into the densely forested valley.

Canyon with an interesting geological structure. A beautiful view of the surrounding area.

The scenery up there is majestically beautiful and the views impressive; you would not expect such nature behind the hills. The landscape is quite original, and the scenic area offers an awesome 360° panorama best enjoyed at sunrise or sunset.
It’s good to be there before sunrise or sunset and take a walk as well. The whole panorama is very picturesque when the sun hits the top of the mountain range.

The Pai Canyon is an incredible place to explore! It is a 5-minute walk to the top of the canyon from the car park and from there you can venture off to many different tracks! For the more adventurous, you can walk around the canyon and take some great photos!

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