04 May, 2023

Kadmanee, Chiang Mai , Thailand

Kadmanee Market is a beautiful night market near the center of Chiang Mai, the night scene here is very beautiful with colorful lanterns and food stall lights. The shop is very spacious and airy, especially the food is delicious and quite cheap, people come to this night market to enjoy the food and relax with the songs.

Nice market, but not many stalls, presumably due to quietening down around covid. We grabbed food here one evening, nice rustic dining with mats on the floor. We had crispy pork and veggie summer rolls. Great value and super tasty!

A food market for locals rather than tourists. Our limited Thai reading and speaking skills were tested. We were able to order our meal and get what we wanted. Different food available - something for everyone.

Worth a visit for the adventurous - you will be able to try northern Thai food.
Make sure you leave room for dessert - it's delicious

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