07 October, 2018

Heho Life Cycle Bridge ,Southern Shan State, Myanmar

Shan State (South), Heho City It is a railway crossing bridge located near the village of Taung Lae Lo .
There is a bridge between Tha San and Shwe Nyong at Mile Point (379/7-8). Among the more than 400 bridges between Tha San - Nyang Shwe, the Life Cycle Bridge is Bridge No. 382. The height of the bridge is (62) feet high and 200 feet long CIP. R13A steel frame type bridge. Since it was built in 1927, it is now more than 90 years old.

It is called the Life Cycle Bridge because it appeared in the Burmese film Life Cycle, directed by U Thu Kha in 1956 .went in the name. The bridge was built in 1927 but only got its name in 1956.

The bridge is a low-level drive with many spiral-shaped ups and downs on the way up to the upper Heho. winding Because of its beautiful ups and downs, comparing it to human life, director Say Gyi U Thukha made a movie about the cycle of life as the main theme, so it was named the bridge of the cycle of life.

Prince U Zeya The lyrics of the song that matches the movie "Life Cycle" by actress Daw May New, "Life Cycle, They went to search without stopping. until the destination is reached one down One will continue to leave.'' Bridge No. (382) because of the paragraph The Nan Nug River Bridge also lost its original name and is still called the Life Cycle Bridge. It exists as a place for foreign tourists to study.

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