14 February, 2024


Frangipani (countable and uncountable, plural frangipanis) is Any of several tropical American trees, of the genus Plumeria, having fragrant, showy, funnel-shaped flowers of a wide range of colors from creamy to red. A perfume originally obtained from these flowers.

The frangipani is a small tree with a distinctly tropical appearance. The richly fragrant flowers appear across the warmer months, and range from white with a yellow center to vibrant pinks, yellows, pink-yellow-orange mixes (often called “fruit salad”), and dark shades of mahogany-red. Some reds are so dark they're sometimes described as “black”. With age, the plant develops a broad, spreading crown, with the branching often starting just above ground level.

The most commonly grown species are deciduous. There are evergreen species, but they are generally only suitable for tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Because of their relatively compact size, large leaves, and showy bloom clusters, they’ve become staple landscaping plants throughout southern Florida, Texas, California, and the Hawaiian Islands, as well as many other parts of the world.

Their blossoms are often recognized as a symbol of the tropics. And there is some confusion about where these plants originated, as many erroneously believe they hail from Hawaii due to the historical use of frangipani blossoms to make leis.
Frangipani is not found in the wild in Hawaii, but there are several breeding programs there that are still producing new cultivars.

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