19 July, 2023

Keep your eye in the clouds, not in the crowds.

"Keep your eye in the clouds, not in the crowds" is a motivational saying that encourages focusing on your dreams, goals, and aspirations rather than getting caught up in the opinions or distractions of others. It suggests that you should stay true to your own vision and not be swayed by external influences or the expectations of the people around you. Instead, maintain a clear and determined focus on what you want to achieve.

"A snap is all it takes" implies that a particular task or action can be accomplished quickly and easily, often with minimal effort. It could be a metaphor for the idea that some things in life can be resolved or achieved in an instant, perhaps through a simple decision or action. This phrase can serve as a reminder of the potential for swift and decisive change in certain situations.

that kind of blue
Cloud color changes refer to alterations in the appearance of clouds, typically due to various atmospheric and environmental conditions. These changes can be observed during different times of day, weather conditions, and in specific geographic locations. Here are some examples of cloud color changes:

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