21 February, 2024

“Art is the flower… Life the green leaf.” - Charles Rennie MacKintosh

Butterfly Pea flower 💜
A regal and striking colour, purple flowers symbolize respect, royalty, dignity, tradition and success. A bouquet containing purple flowers can be sent as symbol of admiration and adoration, making them a meaningful gift to those you truly admire!

those purple flowers made me happy. The most popular, light purple lilac symbolizes first love and can be used to recall feelings of young love this Valentine's Day.

Rare to see this cute Red so I had to take a snap.
Although red flowers are most commonly associated with feelings of true love and passion, they can also be used to convey respect, desire, and courage.

The names autumn and fall are both commonly used. Autumn is thought to be slightly older, appearing in the 1300s, with the word fall first appearing around the 1500s in reference to leaves falling off trees.

The light is good enough to keep this beautiful

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