29 September, 2023

New year parties at Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai Thailand

The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is a flamboyant market mostly dedicated to antique and handicrafts stores. It is a present-day legacy of the Yunnanese caravans that stopped here on a busy trading route. Get a glimpse into the local culture with an evening stroll through this active bazaar.

Marvel at the remarkable talent that goes into the portrait paintings that decorate the many stalls of the market. Browse the handicrafts and Thai antiques, which are among the main products in the bazaar. Jewelry, toys, clothing, and electronics comprise the rest of this exceptional lineup.
Look for souvenirs to take to family and friends back home. The market is about 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) long. Visit the many restaurants, hotels, and shops during the day. Vendors wheel out their metal stalls in the late afternoon. Consider haggling for your products, as many vendors do not have set, marked prices.

Walk along the side streets to reach the adjacent Kalare Night Bazaar, which is more focused on upscale clothing and home décor. Dine at one of the many stalls and restaurants in the Kalare Food Center. Try the banana roti sweet pastry and other products in the Anusran Market, which specializes in low-cost food.

Stroll to the Art in Paradise complex just south of the bazaar for the fascinating illusions and bizarre photos in 3-D form.

Meander through the market from early evening until midnight any day year-round, regardless of weather. It is free to enter, with prices varying from stall to stall.

The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is just east of the city moat and west of the Ping River in the northern part of the city. Follow the Th Chang Khlan footpath from Th Tha Phae to Th Loi Kroh. Visit nearby attractions, such as the Iron Bridge and the Wat Buppharam.

There is a small number of restaurants and burger, and pizza shops along the Night Bazaar, plus a heap of mobile food street stalls for those in need of a quick bite. Banana Roti, yum. Highly recommended is Daddy's Pizza & Steakhouse Restaurant (they also do great Chinese food).

For the really hungry try either the Kalare Night Bazaar or the Asunarm Market for great sit down meals. For the thirsty, go to the 7 Eleven or better yet try The Red Lion pub or the Downunder Pub both in Loi Khro Road (middle of the Night Bazaar), or O'Mally's Irish Pub further down the street in the Asunarm Market square.

Kalare Night Bazaar is an arcade-style bazaar located about 1/3 of the way down from the top end of the main Night Bazaar and Asunarm Markets is located about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom end of the main Night Bazaar. (see quick links on the left of this page for further information)

While you are in the Night Bazaar make sure you check out two other good markets, Kalare Night Bazaar and Asunarm Markets, both are offshoots from the main Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

Remember to bargain for your purchases, it is expected of you and is all part of the fun. Bargaining is almost a national sport in Thailand. Even though the prices appear cheap by your normal standards you should always bargain and try to get another 20-30% off the asking price.

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