19 September, 2023

Angkaew Reservoir (อ่างแก้ว มช) , Thailand

Angkaew Reservoir (อ่างแก้ว มช)

This is our magic place whenever we are in Chiangmai for so many years! Especially during sunsets and magical twilight when the sun goes behind the mountain and twilight magic is in the air!!! Of course, this is a great place to sit and watch or walk and run and jog and do physical activity! This is inside Chiangmai University (5-10 min walk from the CMU gate on Huay Kaew Road. Best of wishes friends have a great time here. The best view is that you can get close to the city area. 5pm onward is good to go. Don't forget your gym look with jogging shoes. You can find parking inside the university close to the jogging track. Lots of people during the weekend.

Good place for running and chilling (you can just sit there and relax). There is no vendor around there. You should bring water or snacks by yourself. Maybe difficult to find a parking space in the evening as there are so many people.

Good for a little walk. One round around the reservoir takes around 30 minutes. One could go for a picnic here. The little café offers good coffee. If you want to spend a whole day at a place like this, rather consider going to the Tueng Thao Lake.

A cool breeze and a sunset walk before dinner... Ang Kaew Lake at Chiang Mai University (CMU) is a beautiful & peaceful setting at dusk. The lake comes alive with people jogging, strolling, or just relaxing to enjoy the view. It's an easy stroll around the entire lake and totally enjoyable. Close to the active streets of Nimmanhaemin but a world away!

Beautiful place for a serene walk. The evenings will fill up with university students and their families out for a peaceful hangout. Really nice vibes. There is a nice walking trail in a wooded area to the north as well.

This place has many recreational activities for people and animals, close to the reservoir they have a pet community in the evening time, and people bring their pets to meet others, at the reservoir many people group together and get relax for an hour, you can do jogging yoga and go for walking around there.

Stay Close to the Serenity of a Lake to Meet Your Own Peace of Mind. 

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