06 September, 2023

Akha Ama Living Factory : กาแฟอาข่า อ่ามา ลีฟวิ่ง แฟคทอรี่ Chiang Mai Thailand

the coffee is amazing too. So happy this beautiful coffee spot has opened. Away from the
busy streets and noisy bikes.

Escape here, unwind for a bit and enjoy some delicious coffee.

Great coffee shop with lots of seats and beautiful scenery. A good place to work with tables and chairs and great coffee. I really enjoyed the open-style vibe, very close to nature.

Amazing coffee and a very good one. The cookies name Choc Chip with Macadamia - Cranberry was just matching my americano hot.
Welcome to the peaceful countryside. The staff make me happy, she told me about the different types of coffee she want to serve me. The right person in the right place ☕☕☕

Eco place premium quality coffee, friendly staff. Good industrial loft design. Various coffee drip beans. Roster machine also here too. Reasonable price. Also has many branches in Chiangmai and Japan. Recommend to try drip coffee here.

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