14 September, 2023

Ang Keaw Lake, Chiang Mai University in Thailand

Ang Kaew ReservoirModest reservoir offers a simple walking/jogging path, benches & grassy areas for picnics.
a beautiful spot to walk about. The nice university community and also a nice cafe in the area. Very positive energy comes from this reservoir.

The nice reservoir on the university campus. Good for morning or evening exercise. There is a part for pet lovers gathering in the late afternoon. There is one coffee shop.
Enough car park area but expect some long walk.

Good walk round the reservoir. coffee shop followed by great coffee from the shop is a perfect way to start the morning Not too strenuous, but a nice pleasant walk. Always plenty of people around to say hi to.

I like the view of the reservoir although it would have been better if more time was given to just soak in the view rather than the 15 minutes for photo taking. It would also have been better if the other 3 (nonstop) heritage buildings covered in the tour included some stop time for photos too.

This is a large artificial lake in CMU which also provides its water. Pleasant and serene at sunrise. Good for walks. The CMU buses tourists here during the day so early mornings are best to avoid the crowds.

Ang Kaew Reservoir is located on the Chiang Mai University campus, but tourists are not allowed to access the campus by themselves. Tourists must buy the shuttle ticket near the main entrance and the shuttle will bring you around the campus with an audio guide. The only stop is at Ang Kawe Reservoir where tourists have 10 minutes to take pictures before getting back to the shuttle. The lake is beautiful and you can see the water's reflection. But there is nothing more and there is too little time to enjoy viewing. Not a very worthwhile place to visit at all, given the restriction like this.

This is by far our favorite hangout place in Chiangmai. A short walk from the CMU entrance on Huay Kaew Road - you will come to a spectacular view of the lake against Doi Suthep in the background...breathtaking!
Take a walk along the right to the end, there is a quiet patch of greens where we do our morning meditation and yoga - absolutely fantastic!

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