22 December, 2023

Wat Intharawat (Wat Ton Kwen), Chiang Mai , Thailand

Wat Inthrawat
Classic Lanna architecture
Name: Wat Inthrawat, Wat Ton Kwen, Wat Ton Khwen
Date: 1858
Location: Ban Ton Kwen village, Hang Dong district, Chiang Mai

The Wat Inthrawat in the countryside of Chiang Mai Province is one of the finest examples of classic Lanna-style architecture in Northern Thailand. The complex consists of a viharn, an open pavilion, and a large open mondop.

The temple, locally also known as the Wat Ton Kwen or Wat Ton Khwen, is one of the very few remaining wooden temples in its original state in Chiang Mai province. The temple is under the care of the Thai Fine Arts Department. Renovations have been carried out aiming to leave the original structures intact as much as possible.

The wooden viharn of the Wat Inthrawat
The simple and small, yet very elegant viharn was built in 1858 in Lanna style with Thai Lü influence. It is surrounded on three sides by an open pavilion. The stairs of the viharn contain large mythological Naga snakes on either side guarding the entrance of the structure.

Wat Tonkwen or Wat Inthrawat of Chiang Mai is located on Thanon Sai Khlong Chonlaphrathan. Coming from Ton Phayom Market, the way to this temple passes by Royal Park Rajapruek. Wat Tonkwen is a small temple with an old but unique, neatly carved wooden main hall (Wihan). The building has a plaster-based structure and distinct big wooden columns. The interior is decorated with hand-weaved bamboo mats and simply classic carved wood in contrast with the outer structure.

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