25 December, 2023

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Chiang Mai Thailand

Love this place and spent over an hour here. Once up at the Temple a sign asks you to purchase an entry ticket, but there's no one staffing the ticket office. Great views over the valley and Chiang Mai, and a lovely Temple with many shrines. Fairly quiet when I was there around 9.30am and nice and cool. Before you get to the Temple there are many stalls selling local crafts and beverages. Lots of spaces are available for motorcycle parking.

Beautiful temple and cultural icon. There are great QR codes everywhere where you can learn about the temples, history, and statue meanings. It’s a bit of a hike up the stairs but it’s only a 5min walk so low to moderate fitness would be ok if you’re ok with stairs. If you have injuries or aren’t adept with a large flight of stairs, there is the chair lift but I didn’t try it so not sure what it’s like.

There are heaps of vendors around but please be respectful of the sacred place, no shoulders, knees, or shoes are allowed in the temple and there are more cultural things to be mindful of, especially in the presence of monks. Plus, don’t ring the bells.

All in all, it’s a calm serene place for worship and appreciation. The prices are reasonable, 30B to get in if you’re a foreigner, and the water is 10B. Anything else there are plenty of vendors who could use the support post covid. It must’ve been a hard time for them but as always they’re all really sweet and lovely.

Stunning temple on top of a hill giving a great view of Chiang Mai and the valley. Impressive gold stuff everywhere. Great experience!

Very beautiful temple, me and my wife came there for a sunrise, and it was amazing! The temple is amazing looking a specially with the morning sun

To get to the temple, there are about 300 steps leading to the entry of the temple. Highly recommended!

Wow... what a place to visit. There was a good size crowd visiting when we arrived. There are many stairs to conquer as you go throughout. I was amazed by the golden architecture. Definitely worth a visit.

Very nice buddha temple with long historical stories, popular for tourist both Thai and Foreign tourists, the best time to be there you can visit the whole year especially the winter in Thailand.

One of the very great places to visit if you are new to Chiang Mai, well but even though I travel to Chiang Mai almost every year I still visit there every time, still enjoy the view up there, the temple is well restoration and maintain. Very beautiful.

Beautiful place to experience Thai culture, and religious beliefs. Better to refrain from wearing shorts and sleeveless to respect their tradition. It's worth spending 1-2 hours. The route to this place from Chiang Mai city is serene, you can ride a bicycle or take a red tuk tuk or even hike up the small hill.

Such a beautiful site. Though busy, it was a beautiful temple, and wonderful to be in the space.
The view from the top of the city was very nice and you can easily grab a taxi to the other sites like bhubing palace and the Hmong village. Have to climb up a lot of steps to get to the top, but it's worth it.

The temple to visit when in Chiangmai, familiarise yourself with the history and origins of Doi Suthep to truly appreciate the significance of this place. Take the flight of twin dragon steps all the way up and make your payment for entry (foreigners only). Take your shoes off and use the lockers when making your way into the main quarters. Donate money in exchange for floral offerings to be placed around the temple. Make it to the back to get a bird's eye view of the old town.

Beautiful temple with good panoramic views of Chiang Mai.
You can go by cable car (20bat) and the fee is 30bat. So cheap for a beautiful temple.

This was an amazing experience. Once you get there you have to walk up a very long flight of stairs but it is worth it. You can buy a flower and candle and say a prayer at the top, and there is a lot to see. Afterward, I took a taxi up to the Hmong hill tribe village and the overlook where you can see Chiang Mai. It is an experience everyone should go see and is super affordable. There are lots and lots of shops and lots of stuff to see!

Amazing view of all of Chiang Mai, you should definitely consider visiting at night time to see it in all its glory.
Also, be prepared to climb a 306 steps stair, there are also cable cars that will take you to the top for 20 that, but don't be a wimp, WALK THE STAIRS! :)

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