20 July, 2023

It was a BRIGHTER day· Chiang Mai Thailand

"It was a brighter day" is a phrase that suggests a more positive or optimistic outlook. It implies that the circumstances or mood improved, and the day became more cheerful or filled with hope. This expression is often used in literature, poetry, and everyday language to convey a sense of optimism or a shift from a gloomier state to a more positive one.

Yellow flowers are often associated with happiness, positivity, and cheerfulness. If you want to use yellow flowers to brighten someone's day or to add a touch of sunshine to your surroundings, here are some popular yellow flowers that can do the trick:

When giving or arranging yellow flowers to cheer someone up, consider their personal preferences and the occasion. Yellow flowers can bring joy and warmth to various situations, whether it's to celebrate a happy event, offer support during a difficult time, or simply to brighten someone's day.

Sunflowers: Sunflowers are known for their vibrant yellow petals and their ability to turn and face the sun. They symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity.
Daffodils: Daffodils, with their bright yellow or white petals and trumpet-shaped centers, are a classic spring flower symbolizing renewal and new beginnings.
Tulips: Yellow tulips represent cheerfulness and happiness. They are a great choice for adding a pop of color to any bouquet.
Roses: Yellow roses convey friendship, joy, and well-wishing. They are perfect for expressing appreciation and brightening someone's day.
Marigolds: Marigolds are vibrant yellow and orange flowers often used in gardens and floral arrangements. They symbolize positivity and are associated with the sun.
Chrysanthemums: Yellow chrysanthemums represent friendship and well wishes. They are often given as a gesture of support and encouragement.
Lilies: Some varieties of lilies, like Asiatic or Daylilies, come in shades of yellow and are associated with happiness and positivity.
Gerbera Daisies: These cheerful and colorful flowers, including yellow varieties, are known for their bold, bright petals and represent innocence and purity.
Forsythia: Forsythia shrubs produce bright yellow flowers in early spring, symbolizing anticipation and new beginnings.
Coreopsis: Coreopsis, also known as tickseed, features small, daisy-like yellow flowers and is a great choice for adding a burst of color to gardens.

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