24 November, 2017

Wisdom Field Mae Sot Thailand #SMSnotes

Set me free to the beautiful scenery, to find out the positivity that starts in me Wisdom Field Mae Sot Thailand #2017memories #SMSnotes
Embrace the open air, let your spirit roam, In nature's embrace, you'll find your true home. Amongst mountains and streams, under skies so blue, Discover the strength that lies deep within you.
Feel the gentle breeze kiss your skin, As sunlight dances, a radiant hymn. The world's a canvas, a masterpiece grand, And you're the painter, with brush in hand.
In every leaf, in each blade of grass, There's wisdom waiting, for you to amass. The chirping birds, the rustling trees, They whisper secrets, to put your mind at ease.
Release your worries, let them drift away, For in this moment, you'll find your own way. The positivity you seek, it's already there, Just take a moment, breathe in the air.
So set yourself free, let your spirit soar, To the beautiful scenery, to nature's core. For there you'll find, in the depths of your soul, The strength and the light to make yourself whole.

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