01 November, 2023

Mae Kuang Dam Suspension Bridge, Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mae Kuang Dam, a place that hides a mysterious beauty!! no matter how hot the sun is All the pictures that came out were absolutely beautiful. entrance to the dam can be accessed in many ways Extensive areas interspersed with mountains All types of vehicles are accessible. because the roads are very good The atmosphere is cool all the time. Inside there are restaurants and fishing boat rentals. the dam is not crowded Not as busy as Mae Ngad Dam, spacious, and an interesting landmark is a white bridge inside.

No matter where you take photos, it's like being in a foreign country, of course, very beautiful. The road behind the inner dam is not perfect. It's also a Din Daeng road, but it's smooth. If you're not worried about dusty cars, you can enter if you pass the bridge. This line can be cut to Phrao district.

The venue is open to the public for free. Able to exercise or do various recreational activities There are many beautiful places such as the main dam ridge, suspension bridge, or in the dam, you can see the water scenery from a hired boat. To go down the soil on the left-hand side. There are about 2 restaurants on the way to the suspension bridge.

The water is really calm but not suitable for swimming. Suitable for sitting and watching the view because of the cool weather. can see the sunset.

Not far from Doi Saket district.
Everyone comes to take pictures at the suspension bridge connecting the heart. Why don't you try to stop by to capture the impressive photos in your memory once? 🙂
There's a couple's key hanging on the bridge too, Romance😍😍

There are coffee sluts nearby. Sit and sip coffee comfortably. with a view of the suspension bridge in front If you come in the evening, the sun will not be hot.

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