18 June, 2023

Singha Park Chiang Rai #SMSnotes

Singha Park is owned by Boon Rawd Brewery, the company who produces Singha Beer, but visitors hoping to find a brewery and endless supplies of Thai beer are out of luck. Instead, the picturesque park in the Chiang Rai countryside is a family-friendly attraction and makes for a pleasant way to spend a morning or afternoon.

Scenic park in a farmlike setting with tea plantations, orchards, trails, a tram & a petting zoo.

These days though, barley is mainly used for malted drinks and health foods. The farm is now more famous for its production of oolong tea and tours of the park provide visitors with the chance to see how the tea is grown and carefully picked.

The park has also been sympathetically landscaped with trails, lakes, and meadows all combining to make this an attractive destination for people in Chiang Rai.

The distinctive golden Singha logo dominates a small mound at the entrance to the park providing Thai visitors with the obligatory selfie opportunity. As an agro-tourism destination, Singha Park works closely with schools and colleges in Thailand with Thai youngsters forming a large percentage of the visitors during the week.

This park was clearly well maintained and had a lot of work gone into it. They had set up a shaded area by the sports section so you could enjoy the view and the warm breeze while looking out across the valley. In the evening it turned into a more British summer night food market with a live band and good food being served.

The best thing of all is being able to take off your shoes and feel the grass under your feet while looking up at the stars. It was so enjoyable we came back the next night to do it again.

At weekends the park is particularly popular with local cyclists and Thai families who come here to enjoy the wide open expanses and scenery. On the free tour, we stopped off at the red barn and decided to rent bikes to ride around the farm. I would recommend riding the bikes around the park/farm because the bike lanes were very good and you can discover and get close to the beauty of the park.

The park is very well maintained. There are also free tour rides which are supplied by the farms' trams, we decided to go try out the coffee shop before going for the free tram ride tour. The coffee at the coffee shop was excellent, and would also recommend the coconut pie/cake.

There was also a Zoo that housed Giraffes, Zebras, and some cows from Africa which I forgot the name of.

The animals can clearly be seen taken well because they look much more healthy compared to other zoos. You can get up close and feed Giraffes which was a bonus.

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