01 March, 2024

Like sunshine on a cloudy day.

Like sunshine on a cloudy day.
It sounds like you're describing weather conditions. "Cloudy sunny day" is a bit of a contradictory phrase, but it could refer to a day where there are both clouds and sunshine at the same time. This is often seen when there are scattered clouds in the sky, allowing the sun to shine through in some areas while other parts of the sky remain covered by clouds. It might create a mix of shadows and brightness, giving the impression of a partly cloudy or partly sunny day.

"A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition." -William Arthur Ward

"You are the sky. The clouds are what happens, what comes and goes." -Eckhart Tolle.

"The clouds—the only birds that never sleep." – Victor Hugo

"Sometimes the clouds in the sky are mistaken. They didn't come to block the sunlight. They came to embrace it." -Kaylee Stepkoski

"Every cloud has a silver lining."

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