07 November, 2023

Mexican creeper

Antigonon leptopus is a species of perennial vine in the buckwheat family commonly known as coral vine or queen's wreath. This clambering vine is characterized by showy, usually pink flowers that can bloom throughout the year and large, heart-shaped leaves.

Adorned with vibrant pink flowers, the Coral Vine ( Antigonon leptopus ) is a prolific bloomer that is constantly flowering under bright sunlight.

The flowers are rich in nectar and provide food for bees and butterflies.

This lush climber has heart-shaped leaves which drape over trellises, forming a dense canopy that shelters from the sun.

The herbaceous slender-stemmed vine climbs with tendrils arising from ends of inflorescence. Heat and drought-tolerant when established. Fast-growing and quickly covers walls, trellis, and arbors with lush foliage.

Leaves soft, narrowly heart-shaped, light green, prominently-veined with wavy margins. Leaves are alternately arranged along the stems, simple and borne on petioles (stalks) that are 1 - 5 cm long.

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