14 August, 2023

The Giant Chiang Mai Thailand (เดอะ ไจแอนท์ เชียงใหม่)

Go here for the beautiful location, the view down the valley, and the impressive treehouse structure into which this coffee shop is built. We didn't have anything to eat or drink so can't comment on the quality. The road was quite rough and winding to get there and it was raining so kind of messy the day we went there.

We had to drive about 40 minutes up the mountain to get there. It was worth it. It was like having a cup of coffee in heaven up in the cloud. It was kind of a cloudy day so I would imagine if the weather was nicer, the scenery would’ve been more spectacular.

Very nice view place and relax. However, it's very far from the city. Along the way up to the Giant, better take a special songtaew to go uphill. It's quite dangerous for a normal car to get there.

A coffee shop was built to experience the beauty and nature of the forest.

We had a very enjoyable drive up through the hills to reach The Giant. The scenery is gorgeous, the villages quaint and it was cool and not humid. We had a delicious lunch of massaman and panang curry. The menu is not large but what we had was very nice. The only jarring note was the loud music being played. Silence to listen to the forest would have made the visit all the more pleasant.

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