17 December, 2023

JingJai Farmer's Market Chiang Mai จริงใจ Farmers Market เชียงใหม่

Lively weekend market supplying organic fruits & vegetables, plus food, beverages & handicrafts.

Very nice farmers market open on Saturday and Sundays from 6:30 am-1:00 pm. Lots of artisan crafts and clothing stalls. A large open-air food court area with many delicious options. And a nice market if you need a grocery store that accepts credit card tap pay. I enjoyed a nice Sunday morning walking around here. 🙂 Highly recommend a visit here!

Was interested in seeing the Farmers market today at JingJai and it did not disappoint. The vendors were all very modern and trendy. They have a nice artistic flair in what they create. The food section is quite good as well, with a large selection to try and eat. Prices here are good for the quality you pay for. Definitely recommend people to come here

Great Sunday Farmers and Handicrafts and clothes markets. Recently renovated and the huge complex is well designed and very clean and nicely gardens.
Lots of food , fresh produces, Handicrafts and handmade clothing .
A must visit for locals and visitors. Get there before 10am.

We had a great Sunday here! 👍
1. A lot of people come to this place, and parking spaces are not so easy to find.
2. The goods sold in each small shop are more delicate, and they are all carefully designed by the shop owner, have their own style, and the price of the goods is fair.
3 fresh vegetables and fruits and special!
There are seats in the deli area to sit and eat.
4. The number of toilets here is clean!
5. There are also supermarkets..
6. The business hours really start to close around 1:00 pm! So please come early!
We love it here! 👍💗

Heard about this place for a while and totally beyond expectations. The market is very organized with zones, mood and tones. There food, fresh, ready to eat, clothing, accessory, antique, household, cafe truck, playground and even a green supermarket! Live music is performed in different sections with proper seating area. All booths seem to be preselected with quality product for up market while the price is modest, totally not touristic.

One of the best markets in CM. Always come here for breakfast and coffee with relaxing live band, then go on shopping with local artist's handicrafts, clothes, decors. Price is neither cheap or costly, but shops and chic and better detailed than those in walking streets or night bazaar. Everytime I got excited to shop here, so no time to take any photos of the shopping area at all .... usually no plastic in this place, so bring your shopping bags or baskets to be green. Love this place.

Nice farmer market with cheap local food and fresh farm product. Clothe and gift are craft so price is quite high. Just disappoint because of Top's supermarket large area is blocking the local behind. My last visit 2 year ago is amazing without supermarket

This place is just a vibe . The food stalls serve up some amazing dishes from freshly baked pastry , Italian cuisine and some delicious local speciality . Was lucky to go there during the lantern festival period so got some traditional dances and also a lot of entertainment at the market . Plenty of hand made items for sale too bags , clothes accessories . All in all great way to spend a Sunday morning

Gotta be one of my best weekend market experience. What a vibe! Love the live music, food truck, local fare, organic vegetables, art and craft as well as the art gallery. Come early (8am-ish..), bring your own reusable bag and sunglass. There's plenty of local clothing stalls but no fitting rooms available.

Lovely place to spend a weekend morning. The stalls are pretty spread out unlike typical markets, with various sections, including fashion, art & craft, fresh grocery, local snacks, a supermarket and cafes.

Excellent market with a wide variety of vendors, but especially clothing vendors. Good food options and coffee. Highly recommend coming here.

Still a great place to eat local, drink specialty coffee, buy farm produce and enjoy the live band on weekend. go before 12noon or you will find many closed stalls.

There are many farmer’s markets held in Chiangmai over the weekends but this one is my favorite. I visit here sometimes buy food, that is if I can get up early enough. It’s best to come quite early in the morning, around 7-9 am. They have a selection of local foods, snacks, clothings and handmade items. The atmosphere is pleasant and you can listen to live music while enjoying the food. There are some coffee kiosks in the area and a small play ground for kids as well, so it’s good for family. Since Covid started this place has been less busy, I hope more people would visit this market.

A place I always recommend for Chiang Mai visitors. With fresh produce, Northern Thai food, bake goods and crafts, you will definitely come back again.

If you are in Chiang Mai in a Sunday you should check this market out! They sell a lot of really cute handmade things and the food is also different to what you see in a usual market. We really enjoyed our time here, eating and drinking different things. The food sells for normal Thai prices, the handmade clothes do of course cost more than on other markets.

This is the best market i havrbeen too in Thailand. The pourover coffee shop was soooo good! And such a great Community vibe with people sitting together drinking coffee and chatting to each other. Loved it.

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