09 April, 2024

Something beautiful is on the horizon. Thailand

Normally, the blue and clear sky represent joy and happiness, while a cloudy sky represents depression and sadness. But there might be even more to this phenomenon than just symbolism. It's been scientifically proven that the sky can control our emotions, our working ability, and our concentration.

A radiant sky is one where there aren't many clouds to block the light, so the day itself is bright and lively. You can use this term to describe “golden hour” when the sun is just rising or before it sets where the sky has a bright, orange glow.

Gazing at the skies makes one really feel that there are no boundaries or limitations, no borders to gravity, space and time. Beyond our beautiful planet Earth, there lies a huge space of experiences that are unopened and unrevealed.

Think of the Earth's atmosphere as a prism separating the sunlight into its seven colours. However, they all are not scattered the same. The shorter the wavelength, the faster the scattering upon entering the atmosphere. The more scattered a wavelength is, the better we see the colour.

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