04 October, 2023

Pratu Tha Phae (ประตูท่าแพ)

Pratu Tha Phae (ประตูท่าแพ)

Beautiful old city gate. A location in Chiang Mai that you should come to visit. There can be festivals or events during different seasons/times of the year. It's a nice historical landmark. I liked the gate was there and still looked functional with the roller on the bottom. I went around 10:00 am and it wasn't crowded. See the Historical landmark in Chang Mai. Is a must for tourists to take photos of the gate & walls & birds flying around... Just beware of birds flying above u....u might get a present from Chiangmai birds. Ancient walls, moat, and numerous "gates" are historical landmarks surrounding The Old City. Cool to see and experience a few centuries-old structures to protect The Old City from Burmese invaders. Gives the feeling of entering the old Lanna Kingdom capital city! A good starting point and landmark to explore the Old City. Unfortunately, do take note that a mascot was just put up yesterday, and aiyoh, why place it there? Maybe if the mascot was sitting on the wall would at least have been funny. Always crowds here unless you visit early in the morning like 4-6 am. There's a lot of places to take pictures around it and there are many pigeons so you can get a nice pigeon picture. The historical parts of the city are well-preserved and fascinating. The gates generally are busy with admirers. The corners of the Palace are still standing also.

This place is way overhyped and very touristy. The locals line up and take pictures with pigeons flying with the bricks wall on the backdrop. Even if you look around, small merchandise will come up and ask if you would like to take pictures and will charge you for their service. It's a nice photogenic place but the risk of being that close to the wild pigeon is not my cup of teaHistorical landmark in Chang Mai, remaining of an old Town gate. A place to meet interesting and weird people. I loved the many pigeons that can be fed. This place is cool. I love Thailand as it's all about the photos ... they have beautiful setups. Flowers and objects to take photos at. See them feed the pigeons then scare ... not hurt .. but scare them to fly for the photo. I thought that was cool.

Must a visit for tourists. It’s a historical and photogenic place. Very beautiful decoration when there is a festival. Nice historical gate of Chiang Mai. The wall and the gate are still intact. Sunday night will have a walking street where people gathered to sell stuff. Surely will be here again if I can. The biggest of Chiang Mai's ancient gates is lively with tourists snapping photos and feeding the pigeons. A good place to relax and enjoy the city sight of Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai's first main place, you should come to if you come to Chiang Mai. Nice place in the city center of Chiang Mai to spend some quality time with friends and family. The Pratu Phaedra Gate wall was built right across the city of Chan Mai, to avoid getting invaded. It is said to be a 2000 thousand-year-old wall. (which was told to me by Thailand women, don't quote me on the yrs of the wall's build, lol). This is a must-see whenever traveling to Chiang Mai. This year I thought of the exciting new year. Tha Phae gate is located pretty much in the center of everything.

Note: there is a lot of birds just chilling around this location and so as tourist. Old city wall. Very popular photo spot among local and foreign visitors. Many cafes, restaurants, and massage places within the wall marked out a squarish old city area.
There is a Sunday Market which is a night market that stretches from the west wall all the way to the west end.
Nightly there are vendors selling souvenirs and food. Bring friends and family.

Rather than a cool spot, with some local pigeon hustlers doing photoshoots, it is hilarious. A huge part of the sidewalk is closed to the public due to the light installments. Two smart folks work as bird whisperers and bird-scare guys. They throw bird feed and then scare the birds to create the best photo shoot-out scenes. It is amusing to watch them. The gate is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city and is an important symbol of Chiang Mai's rich cultural heritage. You can take pictures with pigeons, there are services there but I didn't use them. The evening was quite busy.

The entrance to the old city. The nice old wall, once encircling the old city. Now a lively area with a market both right in front, outside the old city, as well as inside, an indoor market. Recommended going both early in the morning and the evening.

A historical site. But it has become overly Instagram location with traders spraying cereals to attract pigeons and sudden shouts or loud bangs to chase the birds away creating an effect for the photographer.
This has caused the place infested with birds and lots of birds droppings... it's unhygienic, smelly, dirty, dusty, and full of salmonella in the air. This place is awesome. Wall built through the city (called old City) may be for protection. There is a walking street (aka night market) ONLY on SUNDAY. So many local products like clothes, food, souvenir, and music. Apart from all these, there are people, thousands and thousands, so it is very crowded as well. I love it. :)
A crowded place with an old brick wall and hundreds of pigeons searching for food during the daytime. Nothing special here, but a walk around the wall surrounding the heart of the city is beautiful in the evening. You can capture the history just by looking at the crumbled corners of the walls.
Walk or bike around the gate and the wall around the city!

The ancient historical gate attracts weekend fair, and have a walking street with lots of shopping options adjacent to it. Photo spot and can enjoy a toy train ride and street food. Car parking around might be difficult but bikes could be. A cool photo-shooting spot. The landmark of Chiangmai.

Don't be frightened when you hear some weird roaring sounds, because there will be some local photographers who scare the birds for pictures 😂 Nice place to hang out. There are some benches by the river, some shops, and cafes that are open till late at night. I enjoyed my late-night coffee sessions there.
Weekends are busy and crowded. But worth a visit if you are in Chiangmai Thailand.
Seems it is the most famous gate. Christmas lights at the gate were awesome. The main road from the gate leads to the main square of the old town where most significant monuments and temples are situated around.

A local walking market that opens every Sunday. Not crowded at the time I went. Great city wall made of red clay bricks..... Lots of pigeons there..... If you want to feed them... There are few street hustlers....got bird feed for sale. Yes, this is a section of walls and gates, very beautiful. But the surrounding sanitation is average, which affects the visit.

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