31 January, 2024

The Mae Ngat Somboon Chon Dam (เขื่อนแม่งัดสมบูรณ์ชล)

The Mae Ngat Somboon Chon Dam (เขื่อนแม่งัดสมบูรณ์ชล)

The scenic lake behind a dam. Belongs to a national park. You can book a trip by longtail boat to visit one of the swimming resorts and restaurants. There you can have fun in the water and enjoy freshly prepared fish. Recommended. Take a boat trip for 600 baths (1-8 people). Beautiful dam and lake. Restaurant on the water halfway.

Dec 2021 we had to show vaccination proof. If not vaccinated, ATK test (200 baths, or bring your own test kit). General admission 30bath, foreigners 100bath. It's at the entrance to Si Lanna National Park and holds a scenic reservoir dotted with houseboats that act as both hotels and restaurants. Only a little over an hour's drive from Chiang Mai, it's a super place to relax and have fun

A secret free entrance is behind the shrine located at T-junction before arriving at the main entrance. You will see the stair where local people walk up for exercise or relax in the morning or evening. Beautiful view from the restaurant overlooking the dam. Part of the Sri Lanna National Park 100 baht entry fee for foreigners
Wonderful outing. A lovely lunch. Tranquil and beautiful place exceptionally peaceful and quiet
The boat ride was great. Great for nature lovers and hikers.
Beautiful scenery. It is also possible to make a boat trip.
In the visitor center, there are modern clean toilets. The awesome picnic place with your family or your team is about 50 km from Chiangmai city.
800 ฿ per person per night with 2 meals (dinner and breakfast ). Nice quiet place, a big Restaurant, and the view is nice with the cool breeze from the lake
Take 10-15 minutes by boat from land to the floating house.

An hour's drive out of central Chiang Mai, Mae Ngat Dam & Reservoir is a typical Thai national park area with plenty of paths to follow. If you book the better-floating restaurant e.g. EAKHACHAI floating restaurant then all is very fine. Good camping location on mae ngad dam
Onsite restaurant Served Delicious fish dish must try
We booked a rotten place but were allowed to change to the above one.
Location is great, the boat trip is great, the weather now perfect, food and swimming are all lovely experiences

Have many activities on there such as kayak, water playground, fishing, BBQ, carding, and drinking. My college likes to take a year's meeting here.
Opposite the car parking there are only few local restaurants, but the biggest one served excellent fried rice.
Very cool place to stay over for the night. They offer different types of accommodations and food. They fast boat service is included if you stay overnight. We took a kayak and just discovered the dam with beautiful surroundings. In the afternoon it's good to take a swim and just relax with the jungle "music" sounds from the jungle. Great place, with great infrastructure, everything will be organized for you! Beautiful scenery and nice rafting houses on this lake will make you relax! Definitely worth spending a lovely time over a weekend! The price is a bit high but well worth it.
If you have kids then definitely bring them with you!

Some beautiful views, particularly when the weather is fine. It is my favorite and regular fishing place. The common game fish are Giant snakehead fish and Hampala fish for artificial bait fishing, also there are some other game fish for fresh bait fishing such as catfish, carp, and carp. Simply breathe taking. Get a boat ride it is unforgettable
The local fishing tour guide is also available. Very Epic View, need to see it once in a life time.
It's a great place to spend a day with your family.

The view of the lake and the mountains is so relaxing and makes you feel away from troubles and the daily pressure. The boat ride gives you an opportunity to see the surrounding forest and some floating huts. Very peaceful, and the cafe was okay but there are good restaurants further upstream to reach bt the longboats. Well worth the experience..there are also cabins for rent on the water if you want to stay overnight or longer.

We came there with three kids and they were so excited about the water slides into the lake! It's not really an aquapark there. But when the main attraction is the view, some small slides are definitely enough. We also did some kayaking, which was fun for all of us.
The deck floor is too hot, so you barely can step on it with bare feet. Please bring your slippers with you. There were no amenities in the shower. So if you want to get a nice shower please bring it with you.

We had lunch in the restaurant there and it was really tasty. This place is very popular among the locals, but they have western food on their menu also. Refreshing your mind, enjoy your great time with a beautiful dam. Many floating resorts here for you to stay at.
Went there for the 2023 countdown and it was the best feeling we all have enjoyed.

The fireworks and stage were not grand setups. It was meant to have a small cozy feeling for everyone. People are selling paper lanterns, just keep a lookout and buy when you can. Seems like it is not supported by the local authorities. The old structure and the light display along with the fireworks completed our new year. Please visit this place when you are in Chiang Mai.

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