13 January, 2024

แม่ปั๋ง แค้มปิ้ง Mae Pang Camping, Phrao, Chiang Mai

แม่ปั๋ง แค้มปิ้ง Mae Pang Camping, Phrao, Chiang Mai

Mae Pang Camping is a nice place to get away from it all. A chance to stay by the Mae Ngat Dam without having to go to the national park. I chose to camp there. The pool was nice. I also rented a kayak to see more of the dam. The area around is remote so you will most likely have to eat at the café at the property.

Must come in the evening, the sun is shady and the wind is falling. Come in the afternoon, it is very hot. There is a patio for setting up tents. Coming in the evening and staying overnight is very good. There are cafes, water, coffee, wine, cocktails. The place is constantly being improved. Overall, it's okay to relax, close to nature, follow the GPS, come in a little deeper.

accommodation in the style of camping and cafes in Phrao District, the atmosphere is very good, the accommodation now is still not very high price, the view is good, advertised as a million dollar view. not exaggerated at all.

It's a very beautiful place. The view is very beautiful, and quiet, with private accommodation and tents as well, very suitable for camping.

At this time, there are no flowers to see at all... Drink prices are quite expensive, iced coffee starts at 70-85 baht, other items are also expensive. The more camping grounds, the more expensive it is.

The view is very beautiful, and the atmosphere is very good. But just food and drink

here is a resort and coffee shop here. The view is very beautiful. Prices for coffee start at 75, regular drinks 55, food is 75, 85, which is expensive for people around here. The rooms start at 1500 baht, the back zone and the front are 1700 baht. The atmosphere in the morning is very beautiful. In winter, there will be mist falling at the water, you can see it before 8 o'clock. The night here is very cold. When I came to stay at around 13 degrees, the weather was so cold that the blanket couldn't handle it. put on a sweater With trousers, pity for the children. Some accommodations do not have a water heater. Very confused. The service is not as good as it should be because it is newly opened.

This place is very beautiful that has been rebuilt. Originally an old community village. The weather is great. Suitable for relaxing, traveling, watching flowers, there is a beautiful dance floor with levels. At night, it is very beautiful. You can come and see. There is a coffee shop too.

boating, sitting and enjoying the natural atmosphere, cool, comfortable, very clean air.

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