03 May, 2024

rainbow wallpaper

Rainbows are one of nature's most splendid displays, a beautiful phenomenon that has captured human imagination for millennia.

The science behind rainbows is rooted in the principles of optics. When sunlight enters a water droplet, it is refracted, or bent, at the droplet's surface.

They appear when sunlight interacts with moisture in the Earth's atmosphere, creating a spectrum of light that spans across the sky in an arc.

This spectrum is visible because the light is refracted, reflected, and dispersed by water droplets, separating it into its component colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. The specific conditions required for a rainbow to form mean that they often occur during or right after a rain shower, when the sun is low in the sky.
I'm not lying that I don't miss it.
I miss the time when I was alone
When you have to face tired things
The song we used to listen to together
I heard some texts that I used to lament together
At times, those who can live life casually, Very warm relationships. I miss seeing the areas that were loved.
The previous time that could not be returned
previous events.

When I gazed at the clouds, I wanted my loved one to be there. Even though there was no reason
When I looked up at the clouds, I was relieved to be free and light without any heavy things. It's clear. At those times, I want the person I love to be by my side. The heavy things of life for a while
At least when you can let it go.
- Difficult

If you are tired of waiting for someone, I think you will answer that you are tired. Any kind of waiting is no fun.
But I have to wait. I have to stand with the hope that it will come. I have to wait with the thought that one day. When he didn't come, I had to think about staying. But I have to wait as long as I can.
- Difficult

Rainbow watercolor art is a mesmerizing blend of hues, mirroring the ethereal beauty of rainbows in the sky. This art form captures the essence of fluidity and grace, as water and pigments merge on paper. Each brushstroke introduces a spectrum of colors that bleed and flow into one another, creating soft gradients and vibrant washes.

Artists often utilize wet-on-wet techniques, allowing colors to dance and spread organically, symbolizing hope and dreams. The resulting artwork is a feast for the eyes, a fusion of light and color that evokes emotions and sparks imagination.

Rainbow watercolor paintings are indeed a celebration of nature's palette and the boundless possibilities of watercolor medium.

Shine your own light

Be yourself


rainbow phone wallpaper

rainbow phone wallpaper


life is all about how we see things


Everything's gonna be OK.

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