Wat UMong in Chiang Mai Thailand #SMSnotes

Wat Umong is a 700-year-old Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It should not be confused with the temple with a similar name within the old city moat of Chiang Mai, whose complete name is "Wat Umong Maha Thera Chan".
Wat UMong in Chiang Mai Thailand #SMSnotes on May 2019

Worth the trip out of Chiang Mai to visit this Temple Complex. It's a nice change from the city Temples. We came here on our scooter - an easy ride.
There's quite a lot to see. The tunnels are particularly interesting.
Wear good footwear - the ground can be quite slippery in places.
We only had an hour to look around so weren't able to see it all. Give yourself a couple of hours.

This place typifies why I love about the "out of city" temples. They incorporate nature as an integral part of the environment and you get a totally different and more peaceful experience experience. This is spread out over a large area and has an unusual feature with tunnels running under the Pagoda.

Love this temple, lots of wisdom sign that remind your thoughts and how to quality spend life in single day. Peaceful and easy to go, close to city you can take grab car and go there, very convenience.
We have been there on weekdays, not too much visitors.
Mindfulness, silence and good for your soul.

A beautiful temple with a small cave or a large tunnel that you can meditate in. It also has a museum of relics and inspired art. I think you can also come here if you want to be a monk. This place is huge to walk around.

A unique temple complex on the hillside to the west of Chiang Mai city, well worth a visit.
It features a number of spotless tunnels and statues in the centre of the grounds, plus a number of interesting statues, exhibitions and a large stupa within the grounds.

There are a number of paths to follow and a large lake with an island and bridges. A large number of turtles can be seen here.