Chinese New year in Bangkok Thailand #SMSnotes

25 January 2020
Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival, is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Bangkok, Thailand. Here's what you can expect if you're planning to experience Chinese New Year in Bangkok:
Festive Atmosphere:Bangkok comes alive with vibrant decorations, including red lanterns, banners, and traditional Chinese ornaments. The main streets and Chinatown area are particularly festive.
Chinatown Celebrations:Yaowarat Road in Chinatown is the epicenter of Chinese New Year celebrations in Bangkok. It's adorned with red and gold decorations, and there are numerous events and activities.
Dragon and Lion Dances:You can witness colorful dragon and lion dances performed by troupes in various locations, including temples, malls, and cultural centers.
Temple Visits:Many Thai-Chinese families visit local Chinese temples to make offerings and seek blessings for the new year. Wat Mangkon Kamalawat is one of the most significant temples in Bangkok during this time.
Traditional Performances:Cultural performances, including martial arts demonstrations, traditional dances, and music, are often held in different parts of the city. Street Food Galore:Bangkok's Chinatown is renowned for its delectable street food. During Chinese New Year, you'll find an even wider array of special dishes and treats. Night Markets and Shopping:Markets in Chinatown and other parts of Bangkok offer special New Year's deals, and you can shop for festive goods, souvenirs, and traditional clothing. Fireworks and Lanterns:In the evening, there may be fireworks displays in various parts of the city. People also release lanterns into the sky for good luck and prosperity. Family Reunions:Like in many Chinese communities, family is at the heart of the New Year celebration. Families gather for feasts and to exchange blessings. Cultural Exhibitions:Museums and cultural centers may host exhibitions and displays related to Chinese culture and traditions. Respect Local Customs:While celebrating, it's important to respect local customs and traditions. Be mindful of the practices and be open to participating in a respectful manner. Keep in mind that the specific events and festivities may vary from year to year, so it's a good idea to check for updates or event schedules closer to the date you plan to be in Bangkok. Enjoy the vibrant celebrations!