Wat Jed Yot, Phra Aram Luang

Wat Jed Yot, Phra Aram Luang

Wat Chet Yot or officially called Wat Photharam Maha Wihan is a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. It is a centre of pilgrimage for those born in the year of the Snake.

Beautiful ruins of old temple. Nice to see ancient architecture and park setting. Nice place to shoot photos. No entrance fee for Tourists as of March 2022 but I am not sure if this was always free entry.

Fascinating temple complex just outside of the old city center in Chiang Mai and an active worshipping place for Buddhist monks. The various Chedi are still mostly preserved though the main building has lost several statues on the side walls for what must have been a majestic view in its prime.
Plenty of trees on the entire ground to create a very relaxing atmosphere where you can walk around in peace and gaze over the scenery. Also free of charge like most temples in CM.

A peaceful and tranquil temple situated a bit further away from the main tourist areas of Chiang Mai. Known as the snake temple some of the buildings date back to the 1400's. Lots to see and you also have the opportunity to give a blessing at the main temple as well as placing a branch at the bodhi tree. Very quiet and barely any tourists so definitely worth a visit if you are looking for something a bit more peaceful and calming. You'll potentially need a taxi there and back as it is a bit far away and there is a main road you'll need to cross to get there and back from the main square. Definitely worth a visit.