03 June, 2020

Thep Sadet Waterfall in Doi Saket , Chiang Mai Thailand #SMSnotes

Thep Sadet is a tambon of Doi Saket District, in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. In 2005 it had a population of 1,716 people. The tambon contains eight villages. Thep-Sadet Sub-district has been established as a community for at least 100 years.

THEP SADET WATERFALL is located at Tambon Thep Sadet, Amphoe Doi Saket, Province Chiang Mai 50220. View map and discover what's near this location today.

fav photo that I took through out half of the year 2020

3 June 2020

A trip to the farm is good for the soul. Doi Saket Thailand #SMSnotes

3 June 2020

A trip to the farm is good for the soul. Doi Saket Thailand #SMSnotes

Backyard farming is the practice of utilizing any kind of space you have in order to grow and produce your own food. Whether you have a large or small yard, or even a balcony, you are able to have a backyard farm.

A vegetable garden (also known as a vegetable patch or vegetable plot) is a garden that exists to grow vegetables and other plants useful for human consumption, in contrast to a flower garden that exists for aesthetic purposes.

Fruits like all types of watermelon, the various types of cantaloupe, and Crenshaw melons are good examples and places to start. If weather permits, you should also consider stone fruits like most types of peaches, plums, and apricots. Berries, apples, and pears are also a favorite among backyard farmers.

People often have a romantic idea of what farming is like — roosters crowing, farmers driving tractors and milking goats — although farming can be very hard work, dependent on food prices and weather. The noun farm originally meant "a lease on farm land," and it comes from the Medieval Latin firma, "fixed payment.

02 June, 2020

Mon Jodd , Chiang Mai Thailand #SMSnotes

missing someone is your heart's way of reminding you that you love them. #SMSnotes #2020memories
The feeling of missing someone is essentially a feeling of love for that person. In the early stages of relationships, the feeling of missing someone might not be that intense. You might only miss someone on a day-to-day basis, but it's still a feeling of missing them.