22 May, 2024

Wat Rong Khun - White Temple in Chiang Rai Thailand #SMSnotes

Wat Rong Khun, perhaps better known to foreigners as the White Temple, is a privately-owned art exhibit in the style of a Buddhist temple in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand.
Address: 60 หมู่ที่ 1 Phahonyothin Rd, Pa O Don Chai, Mueang Chiang Rai District, Chiang Rai 57000

Very beautiful for the eyes., it's the extreme skills of architecture. The engineer is still alive. There are many things to see inside and outside of the temple. Inside there is a statue of a saint that looks like the original.

The history, There was an old temple and this architecture was renovated with his own money. And still, the work going on. For getting a bright color it's made with glasses and special plaster. So it can be protected from sunlight and rain.

Incredible. The 100THB entrance fee is well worth it. The grounds are extensive and social media fans will have a field day despite several no-photo zones. Expect to spend at least 90 minutes here. Note to self.. sunglasses are required.. the white and mirror tiles are very reflective.

One of the most exquisite pieces of architecture I’ve ever seen. It is truly incredible, like a shimmering, glittering white castle in the sun.

It is one of the most beautiful temples in Thailand. Purely white in color with glasses engraved. Architecture has so much detailing and is picture-perfect. The paintings inside the temple walls are amazing.

This is a must-see landmark in Thailand. A remarkable experience for anyone of any age.

As far as the artistry and craftsmanship go.. this temple has it all… Pick a clear day, the temple offers several outdoor photo spots.

It is owned by Chalermchai Kositpipat, who designed, constructed, and opened it to visitors in 1997.

The temple looks more beautiful while sunset time, the sunlight reflects and will glow.

21 May, 2024

Two things revolutionized my life: moving to the countryside and falling in love #SMSnotes

Two things revolutionized my life: moving to the countryside and falling in love #SMSnotes
That's a wonderful reflection! Moving to the countryside can bring a sense of tranquility, connection to nature, and a slower pace of life that many find deeply enriching. And falling in love, of course, is a transformative experience that can bring immense joy, growth, and a profound sense of connection with another person.

Combining these two experiences must have had a profound impact on your life, creating a unique blend of inner peace and emotional fulfillment. It's a testament to the power of environment and relationships in shaping our experiences and perspectives. Enjoy this beautiful chapter of your life!

Moving to the countryside can be a transformative experience for many people. It often involves leaving behind the hustle and bustle of city life in exchange for a quieter, more serene environment. Here are some potential benefits and considerations:

Natural Beauty: Countryside areas are often characterized by stunning landscapes, open spaces, and abundant greenery. This can provide a sense of peace and tranquility.
Cleaner Air and Water: Generally, rural areas tend to have cleaner air and water compared to urban environments. This can lead to improved overall health and well-being.
Slower Pace of Life: Life in the countryside typically moves at a slower, more relaxed pace. This can be a welcome change for those seeking a break from the fast-paced demands of city living.
Community Connection: Rural communities often have a strong sense of community and neighborly support. You may find a close-knit group of people who look out for one another.

Outdoor Activities: The countryside offers a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, gardening, and more. This can lead to a more active and nature-centric lifestyle.
Limited Amenities: Countryside areas may have fewer amenities and services compared to urban areas. This could include fewer shopping options, medical facilities, and entertainment venues.
Transportation: Access to public transportation may be limited, and you might need to rely more on personal vehicles for daily activities.
Isolation: Depending on how remote the location is, you may experience a sense of isolation, especially if you're far from family and friends.
Job Opportunities: Employment opportunities in rural areas may be more limited and could be focused on specific industries like agriculture, tourism, or local businesses.
Adaptation Period: Adjusting to rural living might take time, especially if you're accustomed to the conveniences of city life.
Ultimately, whether moving to the countryside is the right choice depends on your personal preferences and priorities. It can be a deeply rewarding experience for those who value a quieter, nature-centric lifestyle.

20 May, 2024

Don’t Feed The Animals at Chiang Mai Zoo in Thailand #SMSnotes

Visiting the zoo is a captivating and educational experience that appeals to people of all ages. Stepping into the vibrant world of the zoo, one is immediately immersed in a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds. The air is filled with the excitement of children's laughter and the distant calls of exotic animals. Each enclosure holds a unique ecosystem, carefully curated to mimic the natural habitats of its inhabitants. From the majestic lions and graceful giraffes to the playful primates and colorful tropical birds, the diversity of wildlife on display is both awe-inspiring and humbling.

Beyond the sheer entertainment value, a visit to the zoo provides valuable educational opportunities. Informational placards and knowledgeable zookeepers offer insights into the behaviors, diets, and conservation status of each species. Visitors have the chance to learn about the critical role zoos play in wildlife conservation and research. Many modern zoos also actively participate in breeding programs for endangered species, contributing to global efforts to preserve biodiversity. As visitors wander through the zoo, they not only witness the beauty of the animal kingdom but also gain a deeper understanding of the importance of protecting and preserving these incredible creatures.

The zoo experience goes beyond the animals themselves, extending to well-designed landscapes and engaging exhibits. Visitors can participate in interactive displays, attend animal feedings, and even enjoy educational shows that showcase the natural talents of various species. The carefully manicured grounds offer a tranquil setting for families and friends to spend quality time together while fostering a sense of appreciation for the wonders of the natural world. Overall, a day at the zoo is a delightful adventure that combines entertainment, education, and a genuine connection with the fascinating creatures that share our planet.

Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium is a 200-acre zoo on Huay Kaew Road, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand, just west of Chiang Mai University. It is the first commercial zoo in northern Thailand, established on 16 June 1977.

We wasn't sure coming to the zoo reading the reviews. Entry is 150baht, the panda is on its own so there isn't much to see I wouldn't advise. The aquarium was the best part of the zoo, so much to look at. The beer enclosure is pretty much shut. They have minimal animals, but the experience was still very good, the golf carts was very fun but abit expensive.

My kids would love to be there every now and then. You can definitely get new experiences every time. It's our first time to meet flamingo chicks this close and they're so adorable!! Just can't get it why nobody is lining for this. Maybe others just didn't notice these cute babies. And the otters are energetic. One of them even gave us a wink.

So nice place have many types of animals to see and make good memories. Just suggested to the people visit this zoo one time in your life may be you like to go again and again. I love that place
Have 40B bus fare that bus can move you arroyos zoo

I like here very much. It's a super big zoo. You need to take a tour bus, or you can rent a club car for 350 baht /hour,m. It will take more than two hours to complete the tour. There are many kinds of animals, but the only drawback is that the maintenance is not so good, the facilities are old. Anyway, this is still a very recommended place! Worth a visit!

Great experience at the Zoo. Perfect place to get a big hike into your day and see some fantastic animals up close. Zoo is undergoing renovations. Animals seem well taken care of and have good environments. Aquarium is worth the extra time and money. Support the animals with your visit!

It's nice zoo, but there is a lot of distance between the animals. We would recommend the hop-on bus, since the golf carts are really expensive. A lot of animals are alone, which feels a bit sad. Also there are no food courts to get lunch, which is weird if you want to spend a long time in the zoo. Decent experience for 3-4 hours, but there is some missed potential.?

19 May, 2024

Picturebook Guesthouse

Good quality rooms with a relaxed atmosphere and great service. A quiet location and an easy walk into town. Breakfast is good and staff really helpful, even helped me get my phone back from the taxi that i left it in! Really nice sitting outside the room in the garden courtyard area. And all for a good cause.

This is a guesthouse run by a NGO, Youth connect foundation, where young teenage from Thailand and Myanmar, are trained on the job becoming a hotel operative. They have an option staying there and Child’s dream Foundation is supporting them. It is not a 5 star but the whole idea is so lovely and deserves full support. Clean and big rooms and a smile and effort from the young kids, you support a good cause and sleep at an extremely affordable price.

A small, personal guesthouse run by an NGO as an social enterprise. Included is a training center for Burmese & Thai youth where they learn live skills like vocational skills and education. All rooms are individual and filled with artwork made by the youth from the project.
The guesthouse is located im the center of Mae Sot and is a good starting point to discover the town and it's surroundings. Our Room (Treetop) had aircondition, hot water shower, proper toilets (bumgun and paper) and a lot more.
The Picture Book Guesthouse is way worth it's price and i can only recommend it - and if you can do something for the community here, i am even happier!

Excellent service and the room is extraordinary I stayed at Picture Book Guesthouse second time. Many more to come. Built in the garden the guesthouse offers a meeting room and breakfast.

Really really good. Breakfast included which is nice and convenient. Rooms are big and clean with air conditioning and antimosquito nets and devices. Nice garden, decoration and environment. It has made our first few days in Thailand very pleasant.

Nice garden and spacy room with a nice terrace.
However : small bed for two and unconfortable, smelly bathroom, translucide door letting in the light early in the morning. No cofee maker machine in the rooms although indicated on booking.

17 May, 2024

A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain. #SMSnotes

Ang Kaew Lake
Called by the locals, 'Ang Kaew' is the main reservoir in Chiang Mai University where you can be blown away by the best view of Suthep Mountain while watching cool university students chilling around. There is also a nice coffee shop by the reservoir!

Good walk round the reservoir. coffee shop followed by great coffee from the shop is a perfect way to start the morning Not too strenuous, but a nice pleasant walk. Always plenty of people around to say hi to.

Go early in the morning to catch the warm morning Sun, it is really delightful.

There are usually a lot of tourists in the afternoon although late afternoon/ early evenings around 430pm is also wonderful - if you don't mind the people/ tourists walking around taking pictures.

Places of memories How many times you go to Chiang Mai, you have to sit and take a walk. The weather is very good, especially in the evening.

In the evening, it will be full of people to sit and relax. Exercise, run around Ang Kaew, good weather, beautiful view, must come.

16 May, 2024

Mae Kuang Dam Lookout Point, Luang Nuea, Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai #SMSnotes

Mae Kuang Dam Lookout Point

Viewpoint at a man-made lake known for its mountain scenery, fishing & suspension bridge.
W4FF+V26, Luang Nuea, Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai 50220

Mae Kuang Dam Lookout Point
It's beautiful beyond words and definitely worth visiting! There are no tourists at all, and the scenery is very shocking! However, there will be some problems with Google's navigation. It took us a long way, and when we found it impassable, we spared ourselves a long way to find our way. In short, here, you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery in Chiang Mai!

Mae Kuang Dam Lookout Point
On a fine day you get great views across the lake to the mountains beyond as the sun shines from behind you as you face the Dam. Views into the valley not so good as you face into the sun. Beware if following Google Maps as will ring you to a closed off road on the West side of the Dam.

Mae Kuang Dam Lookout Point
Beautiful spot to ride to on ebikes. Tours here guided by experts in ebiking, SurRon, Rydeculture etc etc. Lovely jungle trails for experienced trail riders and beginners alike. Great sunsets here and a couple of good seafood restaurants on the lake shores. Highly recommended by ebikeCNX and the group riders.

Mae Kuang Dam Lookout Point
Nice view point from the top of the dam. Please note that the google navigation might lead you to a wrong location. To get there, you will need to pass through a gated area with green sign showing “Man Dam & view point”.

Mae Kuang Dam Lookout Point

Mae Kuang Dam Lookout Point

Mae Kuang Dam Lookout Point

Mae Kuang Dam Lookout Point

Mae Kuang Dam Lookout Point