01 October, 2023

Pai Canyon

Pai Canyon
Serene, scenic canyon with narrow, ledgy hiking trails that offer sweeping valley views.

Amazing place to visit. The views at sundown are just fantastic. There is are steps leading to the first viewing point, it's just some minutes. Then you can freely walk through the canyon but there is not any kind of safety whatsoever so I would strongly recommend shoes and not sandals. If you like stunning natural views and some climbing/trekking, then you do not want to miss this place. Really easy to get here on a scooter.

Although it’s not quite comparable with Grand Canyon, this place offers very unique geological structure. It is quite high and some path are narrow, so please make to watch kids.
You need to climb up some areas and it gets a bit slippery so probably shoes with grip would be better.
I really enjoyed the view wand little walk with a bit of thrill :)

Impeccable views, if you thought the stairs up to the canyon was bad it is only just beginning.. the first hills views are great, the first image uploaded. But to see the best best you will have to do a bit of climbing, I wouldn’t say it’s beginner but with patience and hand/footing concentration you will be able to climb it safe. My girlfriend is afraid of heights and I managed to get her to come along, she was so happy with herself and the views we saw at the top. We have gone during rainy season so in the summer I’m sure it would be easier! Highly recommend

Good place to see the sunset. Can get quite busy so you need to get in early. Been here twice. In tourism high season shops and food outside. Amazing spring rolls. Off season the canyon is busy but all the shops and cafes are gone.
Scenic canyon with stunning valley views.
Beware the walks are not maintained and quiet hazardous to walk on some places.
Use proper shoes, don’t drink or smoke to much and use proper sense.
Best view is sunset or sunrise and there’s some small stalls you can buy drinks and a free parking. There’s also no entrance fee.

Super nice place to watch the sun go down, even with the smoke. Remember to come a bit before the actual time of sunset because it dips below the mountains a little bit earlier. Plenty of great walks to do too, I just would attempt them between 12-4 because it's too hot.
Free entry, get some beers and go watch the sunset. Wear trainers as you'll probably want to climb a bit to get the best shot!
We only went at sunset but it's open all day and you can explore the area. Take water if you do, it's out in the open and gets hot!

One of the major attractions in Pai. Nice place to enjoy the nature view and take photos. But, be aware of the cliff as certain parts of the canyon is not safe to climb. You definitely don’t want to ended up in a hospital during your holiday.
It's a very exciting attraction and I don't think it's so high that it makes my legs tremble, if you come in the evening. You will find a very beautiful sunset.

Go at/near sunset. It’s not the Grand Canyon - it’s the Pai Canyon. So many reviews knocking this very unusual geographic location. I enjoyed it. Be sure to bring your drone for cinema vistas.
Nice, seen much better view points, but it’s nice and easy to reach. You’ll probably see the parking motorbikes and know it’s there, there are some nice stalls and then a few stairs that takes you up to the view points. You can get a little dirty (maybe wear closed shoes) and continue to other view points through there. Sunset was not especially amazing (in November), I guess it’s nice view throughout the day.

No fee to entry and quite empty at 17h. It’s a very hot place so bring water and sunscreen. There are small shoppings in the entry that can offer some food and drinks. It’s quite slippery but still walkable with flip flops.

Great nature hiking. It is low on shade in some places so prepare yourself appropriately during the hot days. Also some trails require mild climbing and scaling if rocks if you wish to enjoy the trails. So plan accordingly!

Realy nice place to see the sunset. Be aware that you will not be the only one visiting this place during sunset so don't be surprised when you see a lot of tourists. Make sure tp bring proper shoes since the canyon is quiet a challenge on flipflops.

Beautiful place! There are some fun hikes up here. You do need to climb up some places which are a bit tricky. If you are scared of hikes or climbing I would not recommend taking the left trail! There are no signs or anything so sometimes the trails are not that clear. But it was a good exercise and some good fun! And it's free, which is nice!

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