Thep Sadet Waterfall in Doi Saket , Chiang Mai Thailand #SMSnotes

This is a great waterfall, and it seems like not many people know about it!
The walk from the road takes 15-20 minutes and it's only a little bit difficult/dangerous at the end (take care though). Make sure you do get up to the end if you can, because that's the best view of the fall.

Thep Sadet Waterfall is located in Tambon Thep Sadet, Mae On. The waterfall is a1,500 meters above sea level.

Thep Sadet Waterfall is Located in Thep Sadet Subdistrict Doi Saket District Chiang Mai Province It is a contact area with Mae On District. and Chae Son District, Lampang Province
Thep Sadet Waterfall is a watershed forest. The waterfall is 1500 meters above sea level.

Travel by car from Chiang Mai. Out of Chiang Mai city, run on Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai Road No. 118, notice when going down a big hill, you will see a police fort and a three-way intersection on the right.

Traveling by private car, those who drive hard or have little experience are advised to be cautious. because the winding road is narrow and steep

Thep Sadet Waterfall Trail l น้ำตกเทพเสด็จ
This trail will take you to the waterfall and also into the stretches of forest. You will be hiking through the beautiful nature where you can experience types of wild plants and wildlife as well as the beautiful views of the mountain along the way. Some sections of the trail can be overgrown, please hike carefully.

Getting there: You can park at the waterfall parking lot and start hiking from there.
Weather: It is not recommended to visit the trail in March-May as it is a smoky season as the farmers in northern Thailand burns their fields to prepare their land. Most accommodations are closed during this time.

Thep Sadet Waterfall or Tapsadet Waterfall (น้ำตกเทพเสด็จ) is still flowing at the end of January. It's much more impressive in reality than you see in the photo. This waterfall must be really amazing during the rainy season.

When you arrive at the waterfall sign, you have to park your car and walk into the forest for about 1 kilometer to a break point. There is a pavilion for you to sit and rest, with mosquitoes and insects. Not recommended for those who are physically weak. Because the road is a little steep

You do not have to be fit to master the walk, however, people requiring walking aids will not be able to make it unless they are absolutely determined. The path is not paved, it is a natural hiking trail covered with smaller rocks, some steps to climb, and tree roots running across.
The fall itself is about 30m high and ends in a nice pool for swimming which then flows out as a small creek. Especially after rainfall, the current in the creek can be strong, but ropes have been fixed across the creek to hold on to.

The drive to get there is more dangerous than the walk, 555 (see Thanapon Thanawong's review below).

Definitely worth a visit. Plan 3-4 hours of a relaxing time out at the waterfall.

It will be written that on the way to Doi Saket Hot Springs, turn right and continue along the way past the hot springs. Go up the hill for a while, you will see a three-way intersection on the left-hand side, road number 4063, keep driving up the hill. When reaching Ban Pang Hai, there will be a junction on the right. There is a sign clearly indicating that you come to another 2 km.