13 April, 2024

Flowers in my life

This modest arrangement does more than just decorate a space; it evokes a feeling of warmth and nostalgia, a reminder of languid afternoons and the slow turn of seasons. Each flower, carefully selected and placed in the vase, serves as a poetic symbol of endurance and change. Despite their fragility, these dry flowers maintain an air of grace and quiet celebration, standing proudly in their tiny glass home, catching the light and casting delicate shadows that play along the walls, whispering stories of days gone by.

Nestled on a sunlit corner of the mantelpiece rests a tiny vase, its diminutive form a stark contrast to the grandeur of its surroundings. Inside, it cradles a cluster of yellow dry flowers—perhaps once golden sunflowers or dainty daisies that danced under the summer sky. Their petals, though now crisp and brittle to the touch, still hold a faint echo of their vibrant past. The muted yellows, tinged with the lightest shades of brown, speak of sun-soaked days and gentle breezes, a permanent testament to the resilience and lasting beauty of nature, even in its dried, preserved state.

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