Ground Orchids: Spathoglottis, commonly known as purple orchids

Spathoglottis, commonly known as purple orchids is a genus of about fifty species of orchids in the family Orchidaceae. They are evergreen terrestrial herbs with crowded pseudobulbs, a small number of leaves and medium-sized resupinate flowers on an upright flowering stem.

Many experts recommend full sun for ground orchids, however, in Central and South Florida, partial to full shade is best. Protect them from frost and select an area with well-draining soil and adequate water. These orchids like regular water from rain or irrigation, but not soggy feet.
Dozens of small, orchid-like flowers appear above the leaf clumps in pinkish-purple, light pink, white or bluish-lavender. The flowers themselves are about 1 1/2 to 2 inches long and grow in clusters of three to five flowers on stems rising about 18 inches. Blooms last about six weeks.

Ground (or garden) orchids can be grown in a pot or container to be used in a tropical garden setting, on the patio and for ease of moving indoors during periods of temperatures below 40 degrees.

During the growing season in summer, it is best to water once per week; in fall and winter, reduce to once per 10 days to keep the substrate moist. Keep the air moist by misting, especially when the weather is dry.

Most ground orchids go dormant in winter and grow back in spring to bloom as the weather warms up. Neither do ground orchids have aerial roots but hide their roots in the soil.
6 to 7 months after planting. National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research Goa India. WATERING: Spathoglottis require good drainage in the media, so after a thorough watering allow the media to dry on top but you do not want the container to dry out altogether.