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Ang Kaew Lake
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Called by the locals, 'Ang Kaew' is the main reservoir in Chiang Mai University where you can be blown away by the best view of Suthep Mountain while watching cool university students chilling around. There is also a nice coffee shop by the reservoir!

Good walk round the reservoir. coffee shop followed by great coffee from the shop is a perfect way to start the morning Not too strenuous, but a nice pleasant walk. Always plenty of people around to say hi to.

Go early in the morning to catch the warm morning Sun, it is really delightful.

There are usually a lot of tourists in the afternoon although late afternoon/ early evenings around 430pm is also wonderful - if you don't mind the people/ tourists walking around taking pictures.

Places of memories How many times you go to Chiang Mai, you have to sit and take a walk. The weather is very good, especially in the evening.

In the evening, it will be full of people to sit and relax. Exercise, run around Ang Kaew, good weather, beautiful view, must come.