Tharnthong Lodges - ธารทองลอดจ์

not only is this a beautiful spot with great food and amazing view, but the staff were also super helpful to my friend who had a small accident with her scooter:
she fell in the curve right in front if the restaurant because her front tire burst. we could not keep driving like this, so we asked for help in the restaurant. they gave her saline solution, Betadine, and band aids for her scrape wounds. then they asked a random guest with a pick up truck if he would take her and her bike to a shop to get the tire replaced, he agreed immediately, and then one of the staff actually went instead of my friend, so she could rest, and we waited and ate at the restaurant. the whole ordeal cost her no more than 30 baht (plus of course what we paid for food) and we were so so grateful. there is no kindness in the world as great as that of Thai people

Things change. I use to love this place before and gave them 5 stars. Couple last time I went before covid It was very nice, and absolutely perfect for me. Each villa located in privately with no air condition. It was quite, beautiful landscape with half man made Waterfall in the resort. Stay overnight listening to the sound of running water from the falls was peace. However, after covid, things look older. A bit disappoint. Hope they will get full maintenance soon.

This is a wonderful place. Not my first visit. The food is great and well priced. The surroundings are amazing. If you want a peacefully half / full day. The perfect place to come. Make sure you walk around several bridges allowing access to the opposite bank of the river. Personally, not stayed at the lodges on site. But sure, will be in the future.

Prefect to take photos here. The estate is very large with many shrubs, flowers, trees, and a small river/streams with waterfall. Very photogenic location. The weather here is about 23c noon time, just cool and perfect.
You can spend half an hours or 4 hours easily here just taking photos. They also have a hobbit house at the entrance, which is a very nice surprise while driving by.
Hotel and restaurant is also available for visitors who wanted to get some fresh air and seek peace within the nature

Review after an overnight stay here, with two meals eaten in the resort restaurant.
Love the resort, with its large and beautiful garden, flowers, streams, outdoor seats, colourful birds, cute dogs, and unique looking cottage style lodgings. We couldn't stop taking photos of ourselves here, and hours flew by before we realised it.
Our room itself was comfortable, spacious, and very cute. Food in the restaurant is not expensive, and tasty.
We had a great stay here and plan to come back again one day.
Absolutely stunning location. Superb coffee and reasonably priced lunch.
Take your time and walk around the gardens. So relaxing and peaceful.
Lovely attentive staff. If you are driving there, please be careful. Narrow twisty hilly roads and oncoming drivers tend to cross over to your lane, especially on the steep corners both going up and coming down.

We were all overwhelmed with this place, is just so amazing! So much nature, so peaceful 😍 mini waterfalls, tree houses, bridges... So cute! They also had 2 funny parrots wildly and the cute dog in the photo! Unfortunately they also had a monkey in a cage, what I particularly didn't like it to see so much (but don't know the story behind). Totally recommend to at least visit this place and enjoy the peacefulness!

This resort is awesome.
The house we stayed in housed 4 of us, huge space and furnished in keeping with the surroundings.
As for the outside land and gardens...just wow!
So many areas to sit and relax...the sound of the running stream...rabbits..dogs..cats..wildlife...all add to the drama.
The staff are all very polite and helpful.
By far this is the best resort we have ever stayed in Thailand.
We will be back....many thanks

This place feels like heaven on earth. The owner is incredibly nice. It looks a bit like in Hobbit Town in New Zealand outside, but walk in, you will be amazed. There are animals everywhere, birds are not caged, river is full of fish, rabbits hopp all around. Trees, colours, sceneries. Wow. And it's not even expensive here to stay for overnight. We will definitely be back.

If you enjoy having a delicious meal surrounded by a gorgeous natural setting, this place is a must! For lunch we ordered a couple of stir fried vegetables dishes, Tom yum soup, papaya salads, and whole fish. Every dish was scrumptious!
Afterwards we took a walk around the property surrounded by flowing streams, trees and flowery plants. There are also birds like parrots and cockatoos flying on the property. You can also see lots of bunnies all around the nature filled property!
Lastly bathrooms are modern and fairly clean.

This place is a must to visit for anyone.. Great restaurant and the outside garden is one of the most beautiful places in this part of the world... Great place to take some brilliant photos to remember all your life... 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 loved it... Well done to the talented lady owner...