Thung Bua Tong Fields at Doi Mae U Kho

Absolutely beautiful place with the whole bill painted in marigold colors love reading up on the history of this place. Mexican sunflowers are so beautiful! 🌻 came during the Nov bloom, many people and still worth the visit

Mexican Sunflowers usually bloom by the end of November every year. It's about 4-6 hours driving from Chiang Mai, and hundreds of turns though mountains. You should definitely go.

The flowers only bloom one season/year and very limited time.
During Oct-Nov depends on the weather.
Would visit again.

It had already been said a lot about this place, I just want to put in my own two cents: despite the route towards here consists of numerous steep ascents and seemed to me, in general, quite challenging, but it was definitely worth doing! The fields look spectacular and magnificent, same as landscapes around. So, if you still doubt, visit this place or not, I can say: go for it! The more so as fields bloom in November only, so there are just few days left.

Amazing flower fields! Very beautiful! Best time to see around mid-November and it last only two weeks, usually during 2nd-3rd wk. Go further 10 Kms there Mae Surin waterfall with 200 meters high.

Thung Bua Tong Fields (ทุ่งบัวตองดอยแม่อูคอ)
Doi Mae U Kho , Mae Hong Son