Wat Tham Pla (Fish Cave Temple)

Decorative Buddhist complex with a temple in a limestone cave, plus macaque monkeys & fish ponds.
Address: ถ้ำลิง วัด ถ้ำปลา Pong Ngam, Mae Sai District, Chiang Rai 57130
Location: Google Map

Plenty of monkeys around this place. you can buy baskets of fruit to feed them. They are generally quite approachable but there are a few that may show aggression. Do carry a stick with you just in case.

Can climb up the stairs to visit a wat in the cave as well. Overall lovely place to spend an afternoon! Beautiful place! First time I see a place where monkeys take possession of the temple! By chance as a tourist, it was OK to enter.
A great experience for an adventurous traveler who wants to see the combination of a temple cave, a fish pond in blueish water, and some wild monkeys that will be ready to steal your food and drinks. So, better not to bring any food and drinks around them if you're afraid of the monkeys. 😂😂