What is your favorite flower

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African Daisy
You like the African daisy, which isn't something you hear all too often. Unlike commonplace flowers, this little flower isn't normally found in grocery stores. When you find them, you're in for a treat, however, as they're pink, magenta, yellow, purple, and orange! What a combination! With all their pretty petals, they're sure to make any garden look vibrant and cheery.

These are the perfect flowers. They aren't too small or large. They're perennials, so they spring up every year. And each year, there's more of them! They have gorgeous petals and come in all kinds of colors, like blush pink, magenta, and yellow. This is the kind of flower that can't go unnoticed in a garden.

You're super classic and no-fuss. You're not a person who cares about all the flowers you see in plant nurseries; you just prefer the simple ones. And in your book, that means roses! You can't go wrong with roses. They can mean romance, friendship, appreciation, etc. They come in an array of colors, and the best part is, they're super easy to find!

You are a person who loves the country, or at least being outdoors. All you need in life is a good view of nature, a nice hot drink in a mug (coffee, cider, hot cocoa), and some sunflowers. Put them in the garden and watch them tower over everything. What's more, they make great centerpieces and cute additions to crafty DIY projects.