Mae Kuang Dam Suspension Bridge , Chiang Mai , Thailand

It's beautiful beyond words and definitely worth visiting! There are no tourists at all, and the scenery is very shocking! However, there will be some problems with Google's navigation. It took us a long way, and when we found it impassable, we spared ourselves a long way to find our way. In short, here, you can enjoy the most beautiful scenery in Chiang Mai! Location: Google Map

Mae Kuang dam is a medium-sized reservoir located around 30 km to the northeast of Chiang Mai city. The reservoir is a popular fishing destination for giant snakeheads and other fish. Situated on the way lies Tweechol Botanical Garden, a private operation with vast manicured gardens, many different plants, and a resort. An interesting Chinese cemetery along the way is also worth a visit. The following pictures were taken in October 2015 and March 2016.

The twin bridges have quickly become popular with local romantic couples, hanging padlocks from the railings. It's baffling why 2 motorcycle/foot bridges were built side by side but it makes for a scenic shot with your other half.

Heading east on Highway 118 from Chiang Mai there is a sign to the Mae Kuang Udom Tara Dam just after Doi Saket town. The route to the dam is not entirely clear but worth finding - you'll see the new (2018) 'twin bridges' from the dam wall.

Romantic 'Twin Bridges' and beautiful natural scenic beauty just 45 minutes from Chiang Mai City. There are some small local eateries overlooking the reservoir and drink sellers at the bridges. There are many trails that would excite off-road bikers and mountain bikers as well as hardier walkers/trekkers but advise taking water and GPS as the dense forest is easy to get lost in. The best time to go would be the late rainy season when the reservoir was full (Sept - Nov).