Party Costume

A beauty queen typically refers to a titleholder in a beauty pageant or a competition that evaluates contestants based on their physical appearance, personality, intelligence, and other attributes. Beauty queens often represent their countries or regions in international pageants, such as Miss Universe, Miss World, or Miss International.

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While beauty queens are admired for their external beauty, the role of a beauty queen goes beyond physical appearance. They often serve as ambassadors for various charitable causes, promoting awareness and fundraising efforts. Beauty queens are expected to be articulate, poised, and well-rounded individuals who can represent their communities and advocate for social issues.
A costume party (American English) or fancy dress party (other varieties of English) is a type of party, common in contemporary Western culture, in which many of the guests are dressed in costume, usually depicting a fictional or stock character, or historical figure.

a party where all the guests wear special clothes, in order to look like a different person, an animal, etc.

Costume comes from the same Italian word, inherited via French, which means fashion or custom.

Participating in beauty pageants can provide numerous opportunities for personal growth and development. Contestants often engage in public speaking, talent showcases, and community service, which can enhance their confidence, communication skills, and self-esteem. Beauty pageants can also open doors to careers in modeling, acting, public relations, and other related fields.

It is important to note that beauty pageants have received criticism for promoting unrealistic beauty standards and objectifying women. However, some pageants have evolved to include more emphasis on inner beauty, intelligence, and social impact, striving to empower women and create positive change.
Ultimately, being a beauty queen involves much more than physical appearance. It requires intelligence, charisma, a strong sense of self, and a genuine desire to make a difference in the world.