Golden Shower Flowers

'The summer vibe was fun! ' this means that the whole summer was fun. It is singular. If you say, “The summer vibes were fun and exciting,” this alludes to many different vibes felt throughout the summer.

“summertime” By Abbey Mitchell (1935) It's one of the most covered songs of all times (with over 25,000 recordings to be exact), so it's no surprise the original jazz ballad from George Gershwin's Porgy & Bess is the summer classic.

The biggest tip for creating the best summer playlist is to have fun. Throwing in a hit from the past to excite listeners, or an obscure one to turn someone on to something new, or adding a song that doesn't align with the theme just because you love it makes for playful summertime surprises.

As summer rolls around, we are more exposed to the sunshine. While some foods can help us keep our levels up, there's nothing that can quite replace the natural power of the sun's warmth on our skin. Our bodies soak in the nutrients and immediately begin producing vitamin D, which delightfully boosts our mood.