Flowers are happiness. #SMSnotes

Spathoglottis plicata, commonly known as the Philippine ground orchid, or large purple orchid is an evergreen, terrestrial plant with crowded pseudobulbs, three or four large, pleated leaves and up to forty resupinate, pink to purple flowers.

They should receive direct sunlight for at least part of the day. Water: They should be kept moist, especially during the growing season when they need more water. However, make sure not to overwater to avoid root rot. Temperature: Tropical temperatures, and about a minimum of 60 degrees at night.

The Spathoglottis requires some direct sun to bloom and, generally, will tolerate light shade to full sun. Root rot can be a problem if plants are overwatered or in poorly drained soil.

Many experts recommend full sun for ground orchids, however, in Central and South Florida, partial to full shade is best. Protect them from frost and select an area with well-draining soil and adequate water. These orchids like regular water from rain or irrigation, but not soggy feet.