Sunlight through leaves

A leaf is any of the principal appendages of a vascular plant stem, usually borne laterally aboveground and specialized for photosynthesis. Leaves are collectively called foliage, as in "autumn foliage", while the leaves, stem, flower, and fruit collectively form the shoot system.
A flattened structure of a higher plant, typically green and blade-like, that is attached to a stem directly or via a stalk. Leaves are the main organs of photosynthesis and transpiration.

I often watch TV series in my relax time. Korean and English TV series is the most I watching. All of these, I want to say about my favorite TV series. That is ''Hospital Playlist''. It is a South Korean television series and directed by Shin Won-ho. I watched this at last month. It has two seasons. First season contains twelve episodes. It became the ninth highest rated Korean drama in cable television history. The second season is set to air in 2021. In series, you will see five friends who have stayed close with each other since attending medical school together. They can practically read each other like the back of their hands. At their 40's life begins for each of them. They passed their times as the doctors in hospital. You can feel their familiarity like real-like friends on screen when you watch. In particular, the short anecdotes of their friendship when they were young are a delightful watch. The actions of actors give me the warmth. I feel continuously to bliss and heartbreak when I watch the series.

In conclusions, Hospital playlist is a kind of drama that you watch on a weekend to relive work stress for the whole week. Friendship is one of the greatest blessings that not everyone is lucky enough to have. We meet a lot of people in our life but there are only a few who leave a mark on us. My best friend is one such person who has been able to make a positive impact on my life. We have been a part of each other's lives for the longest time and our friendship is still developing.

I remember that our friendship started when my best friend came in as a new admission to our class. The first time my best friend tried to talk to me. I also greeted him. Thus we became best friends by the end of the school year. We learned so many things about each other. We spent all our time together and became strong friendships. We have a lot of the same facts. We helped each other in studies and solving personal problems. Now we are studying in different universities but we always connected to each other online. On summer break, we went on trips together and made a lot of memories. He is an important man in my life.
Everybody has an idol person who has been the envy of their life. Do you have a celebrity crush? The answer can be ''Yes''. Your celebrity crush can be as an actor, a singer or a vocalist, or a model and even a blogger.

I also have a celebrity crush. My celebrity crush is Catriona Gray. She is a Filipino-Australian model and beauty pageant winner who was crowned Miss Universe 2018. Previously, Gray was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2018 and Miss World Philippines 2016. She is also a singer. She received a master's certificate in music theory from Berklee College of Music in Boston. In addition, she obtained a certificate in outdoor recreation and a blank belt in Choi Kwang-Do martial arts. I always watch her blogs and her song videos. She can speak English very well. I exactly like her speeches and her movements. She is a confident lady. She is always active when I look at her every time.

I can say that she is my favorite celebrity crush. I like her very much.
In this content, I want to talk about how to feel when I am writing 10 topics. Initially, the idea was to challenge myself to write one article a day for the next 10 days. I started writing and letting the ideas flow freely from my heart into my head and then into the article. The most valuable thing of this challenge for me is to know myself better. I have to know definitely which are my weakness and which ones are my strengths. I also worried about my english skills. I know surely that there might be many mistakes in 10 topics I wrote. I experienced many difficulties because all topics must be written only with english. I wanted to write down a lot but I could not write down a lot .I could not write some Myanmar sentences to English. I always had to look vocabularies I want to used in dictionary . So, this challenge makes me notice that I am still having a lot of needs with english and forces me to learn english more and more. In addition, I also got the chance to set the goals definitely for my future. I could list my dreams and goals I want to do. This is very valuable for me.

This challenge was an unforgettable experience for me and made me feel different emotions and gave me a lot of knowledge. I am sure that I will re - read these topics when I feel bored to do something and spend time uselessly . This can make me inspire really..
Finally, I hope you will create another challenge which is useful for us and I will also try to be able to participate in the next challenges.

This letter is for you from me. You might think it seems silly or childish but actually this can bring much value to your life. I know it did for myself.
You're the most amazing person I've ever met. You're also the most confused, indecisive soul too like sometimes I don't even understand you.You can be real generous when you want to and other times you're a mean girl. I'm sure you can be super caring, too and patient for others. But you're shy and not confident to speak with many people or on stage or in front of others. I don't like this fact. You should try to be confident more. I think you're too apologic to others. Later, use it at right time, right place and with right person. I know that somes of your friends defeat you by using your weakness. However, they do like that but you don't do like them and try to be a good friend and your actions always will reflect that at one time. Despite all of these things, you're an adorable person, you're not the prettiestgirl alive but you just beautiful like you. Don't blame yourself and compare with other versions.

"Who says you're not perfect? Who says you're not worth it? Who says you're not pretty? Who says you're not star potential? Who says you're not presidential? Who says you can't be in movie? Who says you don't pass the test? Who says you can't be the best? Listen to me "