Pai Land Split

Tree-dotted canyon created by an earthquake, with hammocks & a shack serving banana chips & juice.

Friendly land owner, Offers a sweet fruit drink when you come back down the hill. Only looking for donation. Worth it for the kindness. Not amazing but I think the farmer is making the best out of now unusable land. He probably makes good on it and that's fair enough. Steep hill for anyone with mobility issues there is a rope to help.

An interesting but not spectacular stop. It is worth coming to to make a day of several little interesting attractions along this route. Probably the best part is the farm owner who makes juice and snacks, and is a very interesting character.

Definitely a must-visit place if you are travelling to Pai.
It's a short walk/hike from the entrance (~150m) to get into the split.
Quietude. Calming. Charming.
Once you hit the split, slow down your pace and enjoy stillness of the nature.
There's a little garden just right beside the split.
Once you have completed the "hike", you may go back to the little hut right at entrance. The friendly owner will offer you a Roselle Juice. Price? Pay it as a donation in the box provided at your own will.
Just in front of the hut, there are seats available. And even hammocks. If you do, the owner does serves some nice snacks! Did I mention that wifi is available too?
It's a really good place to slow down and relax.
Enjoy yourself!

This is the Best place to visit in Pai. Come here for the wonderful experience of Pai's warmth, hospitality and generosity. Our host, Nae, is the grand daughter of the owner (whose farm that was destroyed probably by a tectonic fault) and she has such a lovely smile.
As we relax in the peaceful serenity of the farm, we were treated with local produce from the farm - the sweetest banana, fragrant papaya, delicious sweet potatoes, yummy peanuts, banana chips and refreshingly sweet tangy hibiscus juice. The owner has even taken the trouble to label the various plants and this makes this visit a educational tour as well!
And if course, the unique landscape of the land split (Probably a tensional tectonic fault).
Please remember to leave a tip for the priceless hospitality. Make sure to visit this place. We are glad we did.

I love this place. I found it really interesting to see the damage from an earthquake and how I can split land. It's definitely worth seeing if you're into geology and rocks. I really enjoy the Roselle juice that they make homemade. They also make really good Roselle wine. They offer you snacks and fruit fresh from the garden I think that's really sweet of them, considering it's donation-based. These people definitely deserve a generous donation because they do work hard in the place is quite intriguing… And they definitely keep it clean. Definitely go here if you're in Pai, Thailand

My favorite place, not just because of the amazing land split but more because of the farmer owner Khun Long. He was so warm and accommodating! There were a lot of homemade snacks and roselle tea and his stories! Try to talk to him if he has no other visitors. He can speak a bit of English and can tour you around even in his vegetable field.

A great place to stop off on the way to the bamboo bridges or the waterfall. Free entry and the owners are very friendly, offering everyone free fresh organic juice (can't remember the name of the fruit/flower). The land split itself is interesting, more because of the variety of crops they grow on the land, you can walk up and round and then through the split, through a small banana plantation and then through. A lovely vegetable garden. I would def recommend stopping there.

Really cool place to visit and see how powerful these earthquakes really were! The farmer that owns the land is super nice also and will provide you with some great food and drink, all based off of donations - I'd highly recommend donating to him!

Great visual of the aftermath of an earthquake. Nice fellow offers free hibiscus tea, pumpkin crackers and fresh peanuts. Live the they are chemical free with agriculture.
Nice ride close to waterfall with swimming hole

Really friendly farmers! Donation to try their crops and homemade juice and jam. We've always wanted to try fresh tamarind and got the chance here! Then you can take a walk and explore the split and banana tree farm and have a wander! Really cool spot :) You can even walk around on their homemade stilts ;)

It is well funny that an earthquake that divides the ground became am touristic attraction.. it is nice to see that is true but it is still funny. What very nice is the local people who selling products like jam, dried banana, peanuts etc etc
You can walk around and enjoy the natural place for free.

Very nice place to visit especially that it’s on the way to the Bamboo Bridge. The Land Split itself is a great place to walk around and take some photos. And the owner of the land an his family are the most hospitable people ever. At the end of your trip you can sit down and enjoy some snacks and juice or wine (yummy!). Please remember that this place is run based on donation so support the local farmers and their hard work.

Interesting geological phenomenon to walk through The Land Split. Route could be clearer as we walked to the summit as we passed the route down into the Splits. Little else apart from the kiosk at the entrance with fresh fruit or the Rosella juice available for a donation. Enjoyed the stop and supporting the local friendly, entrepreneurial farmer.