14 November, 2023

Royal Park Rajapruek (อุทยานหลวงราชพฤกษ์)

The Royal Park Rajapruek was built to commemorate the 60th anniversary of His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Accession to the throne as well as His Majesty's 80th birthday. This large floral and botanical park has an incalculable number of plants and flowers and a nice orchid garden.

The park hosts many events, including on New Year’s Eve or Loy Krathong in November and a floral festival from December to February. If you love beautiful gardens, visiting this park should please you. The best time to visit it is from December to February.

Lovely park and it was really well kept and well designed. Horticulture has been given utmost importance and even shown how Thai farmers garden today. For those who can’t walk, there’s even a shuttle tram that brings you around. Would definitely recommend it here.

The park opens every day. Tickets cost 100-200 baht per person. There is a free shuttle every 15 minutes. You can also rent a bicycle for 60-100baht for a whole day. There are not a lot of people so you can enjoy the whole place.

Park's main attractions are the Royal pavilion, orchid pavilion, flora glasshouse, shaded paradise, rose paradise, and bug world. Park is really big and you can take the shuttle tram and hop on-hop off at any of the 8 stops. You can also rent a bicycle. There are a lot of exhibitions in honor of king Rama IX and the whole park is one big learning "classroom". Also, there are various gardens and our favorite was the international gardens.

Park's highlight is definitely the Royal Pavilion, this building is just incredible. If you are staying in Chiang Mai and you like nature, trees, flowers, and all kinds of different architecture this park is a must-see. We spent there 3 hours and we would definitely recommend it. A ticket for an adult cost 200 baht.

Such a marvelous place, a must-visit garden for Nature lovers.
You will be stunned by the beauty of the Royal Park witnessing its grandeur and the scale of Plants/Floral varieties, Thai Architecture including the Majestic Thai Wat or Temple at the center of the

Park, surrounded by miraculous ponds, wooden bridges, and aromatic and exotic flora!!!
The Restaurant at the Royal Park called 'Royal Project Kitchen' serves Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Bhutanese, and European cuisine to satisfy International Tourists.
Make sure to take Water bottles, and quick bites/snacks for quick refreshment to avoid traveling to the Restaurant in the pipping hot sun.
Be prepared with your Thailand touring essentials like a Sun hat or Caps, Sun lotions, and Sunglasses to protect yourselves while exploring the beauty of this amazing Royal Park!

The park is man-made. There is a collection of plants from different areas of Thailand. And also from other countries. The place is good for someone interested in plants. There is a beautiful collection of orchid plants as well. The structures to symbolize other countries are nice. But the Taj Mahal was funny, it was made of polystyrene.
A ticket for a foreigner is 200 baht
There is a free shuttle inside the park that will drop you at different locations.

The place is beautiful and is a great place to do a photo shoot. Love walking around and enjoying the awesome flowers. Worthwhile but plan for more time as our time was limited so had to rush through. Loved the vegetation of the different countries and the decor/structures that go with it.

Cool park. Have a small fee for entrance. Don’t forget to stamp the parking slip on the ticket box for free parking. There’re small shuttle buses that drive around the park every 15 min. That’s how you travel between each exhibition. Don’t miss the orchid garden and International gardens zone.
There’s also a playground and learning center for kids.

A very large botanical garden that is under good care. It is separate into many areas. Many countries' garden design are waiting for you to explore ( though it is not the same as they were first presented since the opening but still worth the ticket price). You can rent bicycles too. Plenty of parking space.

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