Ban Rak Thai (บ้านรักไทย แม่ฮ่องสอน) in Mae Hong Son Thailand #SMSnotes

Lakeside Yunnanese village with tea tastings at plantations, ornate tea houses & noodle restaurants.

Absolutely stunning lake near the Burma boarder. We got there at 6am before sunrise and I highly recommend it. We wanted to stay in town but everything we looked at was sold out online so probably best to book in advance. If you can you should schedule the boat ride (just at the counter of the lee wine rak coffee shop right on the lake) the night before it’s about 400 baht for a 30/40 min ride. The first one leaves at 630 am but I think the best one would be the one at 710 right at sunrise. It’s magical and being able to sip your coffee at sunrise watching the boats through the steam is incredible.

Views were amazing. Slow cooked pork and buns were delicious. Hotel room wasn't in great condition but it was clean enough with a comfy bed and air con. You are mainly paying for the location though which is quite stunning.

One of the most beautiful places like a hidden gem in the border between Thailand and Myanmar. You can enjoy slow and peaceful lives. The views are stunning. It is best to stay overnight and walk around the plce. However, a day trip is also very nice.

a place you should come to visit and stay overnights. Not only around the lake but also walk into the village and to the Thailand/Myanmar border, also walk up to the nearest temple on the hill. When most of the tourists left after breakfast, the place became a sleeping village and it is the time to enjoy the tranquility of the world.

This is my favorite place in Thailand. I loved the wooden coffee shop overlooking the lake. The Chinese restaurant also served delicious food. The place is beautiful both in day time and at night.

A somewhat interesting village founded by Chinese. It is remote and getting there takes a while on a windy road. There are many shops selling Chinese goods and food items. Whether is it worth going depends on what you like to see and how you feel about a somewhat long drive on a small windy road.

Quaint little Chinese village on a small lake, a bit touristy, but a nice windy drive on a motorbike with lots of twisties. Elevation about 1,800m, so very cool. Get there early as the place is relatively small and traffic will pile up. If you want to stay the night, best book ahead. Excellent fresh tea houses surround the lake.

This can really be one of Thailand's most unique places ever. Rich in history, strong in tradition and with everlasting contributions. You are coming here not just for the tea, nor the Yunnan food. You are coming here to feel the difference in lifestyle, something about 99% of Thailand doesn't offer.

Great place to visit to see unique scenario of chinese settlement in Thailand. These people will offer you their Yunnan-Style cuisine and snack. Great scenario and real local feel

We went there in afternoon it was cloudy and nice climate, the local people told us to visit in morning to see the magnificent views of ban Rak Thai. Don't forget to taste the best green / oolong tea.

Better than I was expecting, nice little village with a mixture of tourist and traditional activities, we had lunch at Lee’s wine shop and it was good, the drive up is is steep but a good road. Overall definitely worth a visit.

A stunning but very touristy place in Thailand - Myanmar border. Certainly worth visiting if you are travelling in Northern Thailand.

picturesque place but in the end just a very small spot designed to cater to the tourists that come. Nothing original left to experience. Several shops that all sell the same overpriced Chinese nig nags on a short strip of the road in the village. Stop by if you are in the area already but not worth a detour and definitely not worth a day trip from Mae Hong Son

Ban Rak Thai (Love Thai Village) is a small highland village, with a population of just fewer than 1000 people, nestled in the lush backcountry of Mae Hong Son province in Northern Thailand. It is set in a valley surrounded by hills and tea plantations on the edge of a reservoir. It's also known as Mae Aw in many guide books and some maps.

This sleepy village is famous for its breathtaking views and tea cultivation. Because of its remote location, the village is still little known to tourists, and that makes this place not heavily-touristed. Distance wise, the place is about 35 km from Mae Hong Son town or 250 km from Chiang Mai. it is also very close to the Burma border (less than 1km).

Sitting on the shore of a beautiful lake set in a valley surrounded by hills, Ban Rak Thai is a picturesque village with fantastic scenery. The highland village sits at an elevation of 1,800 metres above sea level and enjoys a cool climate and fresh air year round.

Historically Ban Rak Thai is a Thai-Chinese village founded by former Kuo Min Tang soldiers (The Nationalists) who migrated from Yunnan Province, China, after the Communist takeover of China. Today the place is still heavily influenced by the old Chinese. There are many signs in Chinese, buildings are Chinese-style and much of the population speaks a heavily accented version of Mandarin Chinese. Cottage type guesthouses – made from mud and influenced by Chinese culture, located right at the middle of hill-side tea plantations.

Ban Rak Thai is also well known for its tea products. The village is surrounded by lush and aromatic tea plantations thanks to the mountainous landscape and cool climate. Along the lakeshore are some cafes and restaurants offering a fantastic panoramic view of the lake. As Ban Rak Thai is well known for its tea products, sip a cup of tea at one of the tea houses there offering a variety of homegrown tea leaves. The restaurant here also serves Yunnan-style Chinese food as well as locally brewed fruit wine, from pineapple, plum, peach etc.

Every year in February an annual Tea Tasting Festival is held at Ban Rak Thai.

Pandamic period during end of Jun21, not many store/restaurant/hotel still opening. Therefore, this beautiful place still allow to walk around. In the good side, you could have quiet and peaceful moment all for yourself.
Stunning 🤩 What a little town in middle of mountains and besides to the lake.

It’s little Chinese thai town based the culture. The lake view is amazing and all mountain around. Beautiful Chinese decorated stores and hotels around. Not expensive as not many tourist could reach here or Covid impacted badly so number tourists are less. Very calm, peaceful and slow life town.

Tea gardens around, and lot of shops selling tea.
A must visit if someone love nature and peaceful breeze ❤️